I hope you are settling into fall and have been able to find patience for the Earth and the Elements. In Alberta, Canada, we have been getting snow and rain almost every day for a few weeks (well truthfully the snow started last week…but that’s waaayy too early). The snow has been melting but the sun seems like something from the distant past!

In other parts of the world, there have been hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods. All this extreme weather creates many challenges. Why does the earth seem so unsettled? Many of us are dealing with fear, anger, and anxiety. We see this is happening on a global scale. This energy can be felt worldwide. We can help to calm this energy by finding peace within ourselves each day.

According to the Five Element Theory, we are currently in the Element of Earth and the season of Late Summer. This means the fire of summer is cooling down and everything in nature is preparing to return to the roots. Birds are gathering and starting to migrate. Leaves are getting ready to fall. We are gathering produce from our gardens.

Qigong Master Chunyi Lin said last week “As autumn’s powerful Metal energy is getting ready to enter, remember that now is the time to refine, modify and alter your garden of purpose, goals and dreams so you harvest more joy and freedom than ever before. When you do, the Metal energy becomes a great carrier of your messages to the Universe. You can be just like the mountain. You can reach up to the heavens and be grounded to the earth at the same time.”

I love the analogies of applying nature’s wisdom to our lives to support us throughout the seasons.

During this time of year, I get excited with ideas and feel an influx of creativity. This is a very creative time for me. But because I know we are in the Earth Element, I turn to the related emotion of Peace. Peace is the feeling I want to cultivate to help me stay focused and grounded so I can get my ideas out to the world.

To help settle the global fear and anger, to calm mother nature and the elements, and to help me get my plans implemented so I can fulfil my purpose, the best thing I can do is to get quiet and breath deeply for a few minutes each day. At this time of year, I like to visualize or imagine I am standing in the earth, a few feet down, feeling the cool moist soil, the support, the richness, and inhaling the scent of soil and decaying leaves. This helps me to get and stay grounded. This also brings about a feeling of peacefulness. By giving myself these few minutes each day, I am calming my energy down. This, in turn, helps calm the Earth energy down; spreading peace to the places, spaces, and living things that need it most.

It’s that simple!

One thing I am certain of, the sun will come out again. But in the meantime, step onto the cool earth (if there is no snow) and bring that feeling up into your body, smile, and feel every cell is bathed in peace.

What makes you feel grounded and peaceful? I would love to know. Hop over to the blog and let me know in the comments.

Much love and peace to you whatever you are going through at this time.

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