Did you know there is a simple Qigong movement that can help you have a better life in just 15 minutes a day?

There is!
Qigong is a simple moving meditation that is very effective at shifting your energy.

What do I mean by “a better life”? These are some of the things you may experience:

  • improved sleep
  • more positive thinking
  • balanced hormones
  • fewer aches and pains
  • more energy
  • fewer colds and flu
  • balanced emotions
  • enhanced relationships
  • increased productivity at work
  • improved athletic ability
  • balanced blood pressure
  • better physical balance
  • more happiness
  • reduced anger and anxiety
  • improved decision-making

Isn’t that incredible? Could your life use a sprinkle of positivity, energy, and peace?

If so, try this movement for 15 minutes a day for the next 30 days.  This movement was created by Master Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong. Spring Forest is a very simple and effective form of qigong. That’s why 15 min a day can lead to a better life!

That’s it.

It’s that simple!

Keep a journal. After 30 days, send me your feedback. I can’t wait to hear!

If you would like to experience more Qigong movements, how to develop your own practice at home, how it works in the body, and why people have been practising Qigong for over 5,000 years, come to Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 Training in Edmonton, Alberta on September 16 or join me online for four evenings in September via Zoom two-way conference.

Early Bird Deadline for Registration ends soon!

Click here to learn more and to register!

Love and light,

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Sue Crites MSc, NCP
Holistic Healing and Qigong

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