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I’m Sue Crites, MSc, NCP. I am passionate about helping women feel good, find joy, and share their gifts.

Are you looking for more meaning in your life? Do you need more energy to get through your day? Do you feel like time is passing by too quickly? Are you going through a life transition? Do you sometimes feel like stress is running your life?

My certified training is deep and varied. From Distance Energy Healing and Qigong Meditation to Auricular Medicine, Homeopathy, and Holistic Nutrition.

What does that mean for you? I’ve got you covered! I am passionate about helping women feel better. Because when your vibe goes higher, so does mine. This produces a beautiful ripple effect throughout the Universe. Doesn’t that make you smile?

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Send me a note and together we will get you feeling lighter, breathing deeper, and smiling more.

Here are two energizing online programs that can help you live a

happier, healthier, and more purposeful life!

Energy in Motion–Your Weekly Online Qigong Community for Peace, Balance, and Vitality! This is the first and only LIVE ONLINE weekly qigong practice group. Join our supportive Qi Gang Community and experience connection, friendship, and high vibes as we interact, learn, grow, love and practice together each week.

This is a monthly subscription program for just $29 CA per month (less than a third the cost of a live practice) with weekly live practices and downloadable recordings of each session.

Morning Mojo! The 10-minute routine that will help you increase energy, reduce stress, and achieve balance! Practice this routine regularly to experience improved health and balanced emotions. Included are seven instructional modules and a downloadable MP3 file for just $39 CAD!

It’s like acupuncture without the needles; like meditation without sitting still.

In only 10-minutes!

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Classes, Workshops and Online Programs

What would it be like to have more energy? How would it feel to be happy and content with your life?Having balanced, smoothly flowing energy is the key to experiencing and maintaining health and happiness. The moving meditation practice of Spring Forest Qigong removes blockages, opens your heart,  and balances your energy while improving your mental outlook. This powerful  practice balances and connects the body, mind, and spirit.

I encourage you to experience this transformational practice with me. It has changed my life.

In-person and online workshops and classes are available.

Qigong From Home

Would you like to practice qigong and meditating with others from the comfort and privacy of your own home? Would you like to go deeper into your practice and understand more about yourself and the universe?

I grow and heal when I regularly connect with like-minded people on a deeper level. Accountability helps me achieve this.

Join our supportive community for a weekly live qigong meditation practice from the comfort of your home while benefitting from the magnified energy of a group meditation.

Distance Energy Healing, Meditations, and Space Clearing

When your energy is balanced and flowing smoothly, you can live your life with joy, enthusiasm, and purpose. When your energy is stuck or blocked, it is difficult to move forward. Blocked energy can by caused by factors. Such blockages will eventually lead to illness, disease, or mental health problems.

I will help you remove blockages so you can live your life in happiness and joy; with purpose. Through energetic testing, energy healing, intuition, and gentle guidance, I will help you attain and maintain balance in all areas of your life from diet and supplementation to relationships and exercise.

You may also like to me bless your home, clear your space, or speak at your next event.

What People Are Saying

I was looking to gain more balance in my life and I wanted to add meditation to my routine. After weekly meditation instruction sessions with Sue, and learning all about the Qigong practice, I can honestly say that this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. The sessions with Sue were enlightening and I learned SO much more than I expected. I absolutely loved working with her. I especially loved how Sue taught me specific practices to add to my meditation based on issues I was experiencing in my life. I highly recommend working with Sue. My entire experience was absolutely incredible, and the best part is that I have learned a tool I can use for life! Thanks Sue!

Allison W.

Designer and Brand Strategist

“When Sue does her Energy Healing on me, I feel like a brand new woman! I can feel her removing blockages like she is opening doors to let the energy flow; like she is encouraging my body and its energy to do exactly what it was intended to do. I don’t need to understand how it’s happening: it simply feels fantastic!”

Lori C.


“I came to see Sue because I was anxious and defeated by the return of a progressive medical condition. Over the course of six sessions, my anxiety and helplessness diminished. Sue never overwhelmed me and I could feel significant improvements each week. I felt positive and confident after each session!  I now have more energy and experience more happiness, joy, and contentment. I cannot express my gratitude enough! I highly recommend working with Sue.”

Shelley L.

Intellectual Propery Specialist

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