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You have the power to heal yourself from the inside out.

I can show you how to get quiet, go deep and be fully present with your true self.  

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Want to explore how Spring Forest Qigong can help transform your life?
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Hi, I’m Sue Crites Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Master Healer


From my home in the middle of a boreal forest, I help individuals all over the world connect with the universe by focusing on their present breath.

I believe connecting through our shared experiences makes us all richer, and that sharing our Qigong practice helps us all connect & heal more deeply.

If you stick around here for a bit, you’ll notice: I’m human, just like you. As I navigate life’s seasons and challenges, I share my journey openly—in my group and on my blog. You’re capable and powerful and I’d love to show you how to connect to your limitless potential!


I see healing as a holistic practice
My modality of choice? The ancient art of Qigong.

Sue Crites practicing Qigong in a forest

What is Qigong?

Qigong is a moving meditation that originated in ancient China over 5,000 years ago.

As energetic beings, we have energy channels (or meridians) within us through which our life force energy flows.

Combining conscious breathing with visualization techniques, Qigong allows us to keep energy flowing smoothly through these meridians, which in turn keeps us happy and healthy.

Sue Crites meditating in a forest

Is Qigong for beginners?

Yes! Qigong – and Spring Forest Qigong in particular – consists of gentle movements, specific breathing techniques and mental focus.

As a result, anyone can do it and everyone can benefit from it.

Even if your mobility is limited and you can’t physically do the movements, the visualization aspect of Qigong alone will still benefit you in many ways.

Sue Crites walking through a forest in a navy dress

What are the benefits of Qigong?

Balanced, smoothly flowing energy is key to our physical & emotional wellbeing.

Qigong helps you clear energy blockages, without the intervention of an energy healer.

Once you start practicing Qigong, you’ll notice you have more energy, feel less pain and stress, and become happier, calmer and more peaceful as your physical, emotional and spiritual blocks dissolve.

Spring Forest Qigong is the perfect fit for you if:

  • You want some form of practice that gives you more inner peace, but you find your mind wanders during seated meditations
  • You suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from a serious injury, so you’re looking for a gentle form of exercise that will help your body heal
  • You live in a rural area and you’re looking for a form of exercise/energy healing you can practice on your own at home
  • You’ve tried to quiet your mind with yoga, but felt frustrated because so many of the poses were out of your reach
  • You’re an energy healer looking to add a new modality to your toolkit

Whether you’re just getting started with Qigong or looking to deepen your current practice, here are 3 ways I can help:

Pick a short practice to try right now

Whether you’re just getting started with your healing journey or you’ve been working on your healing for years, I have a wide variety of both free and paid resources to help you feel better in the next 60 minutes.

With everything from a free 15-minute Gratitude Meditation to a 31 Day course to help you get and stay consistent, odds are I’ve got a resource that’s just what you’re looking for.

Enjoy Support and Connection within my Qigong Community

Love practicing Qigong from home, but miss the shared energy of a live practice group? Energy in Motion provides the connection, support and accountability you crave.

Within this private community, you can:

  • Make connections in our Book Club
  • Dig into seasonal recipes and seasonal wisdom
  • Access a vault of guided meditations & video practices (10-60 mins in length)

Join us for the live weekly training or catch the replay whenever you want. Either way, you’ll leave feeling energized, optimistic and refreshed. Sound like what you need?

Go deeper with a Qigong Certification Training

Would you like to deepen your understanding of Qigong and strengthen your own life force energy? Or are you interested in becoming a powerful healer or a qigong teacher?

As a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor, I teach Levels 1, 2, and 3 Spring Forest Qigong for Certification.

Click through below for training dates & details:

Thanks to qigong, I’ve learned to accept my body and listen to it.

I no longer fear pain and fluctuations in my condition. I approach my body with curiosity and loving kindness. My diabetes is under control and I’ve lost nearly 180 pounds.

Emotionally, I’m more optimistic & creative. The world is brighter and more colorful. I treasure the ability to help others. Qigong has become my life. It’s not something I do or something I even practice. It is like breathing air and drinking water – ESSENTIAL.

When I practice, I feel grounded, hopeful, joyful, happy, calm, connected & at home.

Thanks to my qigong practice, I am more aligned with the universe.

I can’t say enough about how qigong has changed my life. Even with challenges at home, I feel more peace in my heart and more love. I am working through some wounds and it helps so much. I am more connected to universal energy.

Thanks to my qigong practice, I am more aligned with the universe and I’m able to feel more unconditional love for myself and others.

I am so grateful to Sue for being a mentor and great teacher. Her influence and guidance have allowed me to become a practice group leader in my own right. I have great admiration for who she is and how she teaches. Her authenticity and love for others come through in everything she does.

Practicing qigong has given me tools to help me heal my health concerns.

I feel powerful and resourceful. As a result of my practice, I am more peaceful and balanced. Qigong helps me glide through life’s challenges with less angst. It has given me a way to access feelings of unconditional love and contentment.

Curious about what I’m up to right now?
Check out these seasonal workshops & trainings:

Qigong For Beginners

Embark on a journey of healing and tranquility with my Qigong for Beginners course. Tailored specifically for those new to Spring Forest Qigong, this concise video series will introduce you to the essential components of this ancient practice, guiding you step-by-step through each movement and breath. Gain the skills to practice confidently on your own, unlocking the secrets to inner peace, lasting happiness, and a life free from pain.

Learn more about the Energy in Motion Qigong Community

Energy in Motion is a vibrant online community where you can connect with other positive minds. Featuring a live weekly qigong practice and a members area filled with handouts, videos, practice replays, recipes, and many more uplifting resources.

Morning Mojo is a 10-minute qigong routine that will help you increase energy, reduce stress, and achieve balance!

Morning Mojo is a 10-minute qigong routine that will help you increase energy, reduce stress, and achieve balance! This is a great way to get started with qigong. Included are seven instructional modules and a downloadable MP3 file!

SFQ Level 3 Immersion Retreat:

Join us for an immersive five-day retreat from April 1-5, 2025 at Casa Tara, a haven of peace on the shores of the Sea of Cortez. This Spring Forest Qigong Level 3 Retreat offers a profound journey into the teachings of Tao and advanced Qi cultivation techniques.

Are you interested in Energy Healing or Qigong Mentoring?


Would you love to cultivate a consistent Qigong practice within a supportive online community?

It can be hard to practice Qigong consistently at home when you’re all on your own (and so busy already)…

That’s why I created Energy in Motion, the first online community for Spring Forest Qigong practitioners.

With a live weekly practice, a vault of video practices from 10-60 minutes in length, audio & visual guided meditations (and much more!)…

Energy in Motion gives you everything you need to deepen your connection to this ancient self-healing approach.

“I have a quiet sense of growing inner strength.”

I joined Energy in Motion because I was looking for a form of healing movement I could do without injuring myself (as so many of my other attempts at exercise have resulted in injury).

I love the teachings at the beginning of class which help me to move towards balance. I also love the way I feel (the relaxation response) that happens for me with Sue’s practice (not all instructors have that impact on me).

Since joining, I’ve noticed a growing sense of balance, I’m not thrown off as easily or often mentally, and I have a quiet sense of growing inner strength.

Thank you, Sue! I’m so grateful for your teaching and that I found you.

– Cathy C.

“Energy in Motion has improved the way I feel every day!”

I joined Energy in Motion because I was looking for a more in-depth regular practice group with a library of recordings I could go to whenever I needed to.

I particularly like Sue’s teaching style, which is very relaxing and caring. She is very easy to follow and always incorporates seasonal or other teachings that seem to relate directly to what I need. It’s so helpful that the sessions are recorded, so you don’t need to be there live. It fits into any schedule.

The Energy in Motion community provides a wonderful variety of information. There really is a great abundance and variety of information and practices. It has improved the way I feel every day.

– Johanna

“Thanks to my Qigong practice, I feel more in tune with everything.”

My favourite part of the Energy In Motion community is the weekly practices, which bring consistency to my practice and provide a sense of community and support. I also appreciate having access to a library of different practices and meditations, along with valuable information.

Sue has a warm and engaging manner, plus beautiful natural backdrops for her teachings, weather permitting.
Thanks to my Spring Forest Qigong practice, I feel more in tune with everything. My energy has increased and the chronic pain on my right side is not as troublesome.

Things in my life seem to flow more easily. I’m not quite as stressed and have more perspective.

– Peggy L

Screenshot of Sue Crites Qi Gong at Home Breathing Techniques

Craving the peace of a quiet mind?

Learn a simple Energy Breathing technique to instantly calm your body & quiet your thoughts.

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