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Cultivate a consistent Qigong practice that supports your healing journey & makes the world a better place inside…


The vibrant online Qigong community hosted by Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Healer, Sue Crites

Gain access to a wealth of recorded practices and additional resources to help you deepen your connection to this ancient Chinese healing practice 


Qigong is an ancient moving meditation technique with the potential to help you heal yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually.
But if you’re reading this, you probably know that already…


  • Qigong combines meditation, breathing techniques, movements and postures of the body to activate and cultivate the vital energy called, Qi.
  • The slow & gentle movements of Qigong help move Qi through your body, creating balance & harmony in your body, your emotions and your life.

Maybe you’ve even experienced how:

  • Qigong can help you treat chronic pain, process grief, reduce anxiety and improve your energy levels.

Either way, I bet you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Qigong has been proven to reduce chronic pain and effectively treat depression & emotional distress*

In particular, Spring Forest Qigong, a form of medical qigong, aims to restore balance to your body by moving Qi (energy) through the energy channels within your body. 

Like water flowing through long-dry fields, this clears blockages in your subtle energy systems so that you can experience more peace, less reactivity and better health. 

Spring Forest Qigong can help you:


improve flexibility and restore agility

Reduce anxiety, depression and stress

by activating the parasympathetic nervous system to promote relaxation


increase your bone density and reduce blood pressure

find the inner peace you are seeking

 and become a gentler, kinder, and more compassionate individual

Support your body in healing  through slow, gentle movements

that are easily accessible, even if you’ve been injured before

Quiet your mind and relieve mental chatter

as your focus shifts out of your head and into your body

The problem is, even if you’re already aware of the incredible benefits of practicing Spring Forest Qigong…

Practicing on your own can feel like an uphill battle.

qigong online
Tell me if this sounds familiar:
  • You want to develop a consistent practice to re-balance your body & help yourself heal—but it’s hard to find the time or motivation to make sure you take the time out of your day.
  • You start each week with the best of intentions… But without a regular routine, your Qigong practice is often one of the first things to fall through the cracks.
  • The free practices you find online only give you a surface-level understanding of the WHY behind what you’re doing. You’d love to have a deeper understanding of how your Qigong practice supports your health & happiness.
  • Your at-home practice feels like it’s missing something because you’re not connected to the energy of your instructor or your group. Not to mention…
  • It can be tough to find high-quality recordings from instructors whose teaching style (or tone of voice) you actually enjoy.
  • It’s easy to get distracted on the internet when you have to go hunting for a recorded practice to help you tune into your breath & body on any given day. 

If any or all of the above have stopped you from experiencing the full healing benefits that Spring Forest Qigong has to offer… 

I get it.

I know how hard it can be to build a consistent Qigong practice into your busy life, especially if you’re already dealing with chronic pain, anxiety or low energy levels…  

Hi, I’m Sue Crites
Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Healer based in Northern Alberta, Canada.
I have over 15 years of experience practicing and teaching Qigong. I’ve trained rigorously and attained the highest possible certification (Level 5) under the supervision of one of the world’s foremost Qigong authorities, Master Chunyi Lin.

But back when I first encountered this ancient healing practice, it wasn’t quite as easily accessible as it is today…

The first time I encountered Qigong?
I thought “Nope, this isn’t for me”

All the way back in 2007, I traveled to Toronto to see a naturopathic doctor who recommended I use Qigong  to restore my energy while serving my auricular healing clients. 

But the dusty old VHS he gave me was only in Chinese (and super boring!). 

I shelved it, and carried on with my life for another 5 years. 

Then, while coaching my daughter’s gymnastics team, I got carried away with a hula hoop and developed hip bursitis. I tried everything to get rid of the pain, but none of my usual healing modalities did a thing to help.

I saw a doctor, a chiropractor and a massage therapist. But the pain just wouldn’t go away.

Then I remembered Qigong.

I looked up a couple of videos on Youtube and discovered Master Chunyi Lin teaching Spring Forest Qigong. Next, I sent away for a home study kit and started watching those DVDs. 

Eventually, I signed up for the Level 1 course that was being taught in Calgary, a 5-hour drive away. 

Immediately, I resonated with the instructor’s message that Qigong helps get the body back to being an autoregulating and self-healing organism. ← Those were the exact same words I would use to describe my work as an auricular healer, but I loved that Qigong gives YOU the skills to heal yourself—instead of making you dependent on another person.  


After the Level 1 training, I started practicing consistently. It wasn’t long before I noticed positive changes in every day…

As I continued building Qigong into my life, I noticed:


  • My kids didn’t fight as much
  • My husband seemed nicer
  • My little farmhouse seemed bigger
  • Everywhere I went in nature, I was awed by the beauty around me. My kids would even ask me, “Why do you always say, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful?’” 
Before long, I’d forgotten about my hip pain and I was sleeping better.
Prior to doing Qigong, I had had a lot of joint pain and chronic sinus congestion—but once I started practicing regularly? 

It all went away.

Sue Crites QiGong Online
Qigong helped me let go of stress and tension and create  space for more beautiful things to come into my awareness.
Looking back, I didn’t even know that I was an overthinker, that I had anxiety or I was experiencing depression. 

I thought it was normal to feel at least a little stressed, all the time. 

But when those habits & patterns were lifted, I couldn’t believe the difference. 

My life became so peaceful even though, on the outside, nothing had changed! It was like my internal setpoint had gone from always being in constraint and worry to existing primarily in peace and gratitude. 

That is the power of a consistent Qigong practice!

Since then, I’ve spent over 8 years leading practice groups, in which I’ve helped 1000s of students implement a regular Qigong routine in order to improve their health and enrich their lives.

I’m passionate about sharing the teachings of Master Chunyi Lin because I want more people to know how effective Spring Forest Qigong is in helping you heal your body, mind and soul from the comfort of your home, on a schedule that works for you. 

I’ve experienced firsthand how Qigong can change your life, if you can make it a regular part of your life.


Your Qigong practice transforms when consistently showing up for yourself is easy, convenient and fun!

The problem with piecing together a practice from the free resources you find online is that you don’t have the

community, or
connection to your teacher 

that make it easy to make Qigong part of your regular routine. 

Over the last 10 years, I’ve listened to my students talk about what makes cultivating a consistent practice hard. 

Year after year, I’ve heard the same messages loud and clear.

You’re trying to cultivate a consistent Qigong practice to help you heal your body & bring you deep inner peace…

online qigong videos

So you’d absolutely love it if you could just…

  • Find a teacher whose style you enjoy, someone you feel a connection to, so that you can deepen your understanding of Qigong and feel greater confidence in your practice
  • Cultivate a consistent Qigong practice in a warm and welcoming atmosphere (where you’re free to show up as much or as little as you choose)
  • Learn more about energy healing in general and how specific aspects of Qigong can help you reach your goals
  • Participate in live trainings as often as possible, but also know there’s a fresh recording waiting for you when life gets in the way
  • Experience real health benefits from your practice so that you can trust that it’s working for you

…all for a low enough price that you don’t have to give up any of your existing comforts in order to experience real results. 

I heard you asking for it, so I created it…




A vibrant online Qigong community where new & experienced practitioners come together to connect, uplift and support each other as they cultivate their own consistent Qigong practice.

Heal your body, quiet your mind, and connect more deeply with your soul within this nurturing community, where you’ll find everything you need to support your journey to better health & wellbeing

Every week, you’ll be invited to join me for a live Qigong practice designed to help you heal physical ailments, experience more peace and clear energy blockages within your body. 

You’ll have everything you need to deepen your connection to this ancient self-healing approach, at your fingertips:

✩ A vault of Video Practices from 10-60 mins in length

✩ Additional trainings & Deep Dives into topics requested by the group

✩ Audio & Video Guided meditations

✩ PDF Guides to the movements of Spring Forest Qigong

✩ Community discussion & support including a monthly Book Club

✩ Recipes, resources, helpful links and more!

Energy in Motion gives you everything you need to cultivate a consistent Qigong practice that fits into YOUR daily life:

You’ll learn the what & the why behind specific Qigong movements, and have a chance to implement my teachings and the teachings of Master Chunyi Lin whenever you want,  from the comfort of your home, with video practices that vary from bite-sized to in-depth.
Since a meaningful Qigong practice isn’t just about healing yourself, but about co-creating a healthier, happier world…

Energy in Motion gives you the chance to connect with a tight-knit community of Qigong practitioners. 


Our community members have made lasting friendships, sent each other healing energy in times of need, and give each session a sense of purpose thanks to the sense of interconnectedness created by practicing as a group.


Remarkable things can happen when you connect your practice to something bigger than yourself. Here’s what current members love about being part of a greater whole inside Energy in Motion:

Sue, you’re a natural educator! I have benefited greatly from your love of research! I love that I have an understanding about “why it works” that I would not have without Energy in Motion… and that’s not all. 

The live weekly sessions end with a meditation that leaves me feeling absolutely wonderful, every time! 

– Beverly M.

“Before Energy in Motion, my life was a volatile roller coaster.”

Now it is more stable as I choose to respond rather than react. I am healthier all over and better able to deal with the stress of every day.

– Wayne N. 

“When I started Qigong, I was in constant pain.”

From arthritis, neuropathy, & osteo/skeletal degeneration. I suffered from severe anxiety & hopelessness. I couldn’t walk my dogs. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed. 

Now I can walk several miles a day without pain. I even go for hikes. As long as I maintain my Qigong practice, I am relatively pain free, no longer anxious and free of despair. 

– Lynn T. 

Hoping to heal through traditional methods can cost you a TON of money & time.

We’re constantly told it’s normal to spend thousands of dollars on:

  • Chiropractors and massage therapists who give us temporary relief
  • Medicine cabinets full of painkillers
  • Cupboards overflowing with  vitamins & supplements
  • Personal trainers & physios to help us stay in shape
  • Help around the house because we don’t have the energy to do household tasks ourselves
  • Getting Botox or cosmetic surgery to appear younger than we are

We spend MONTHS waiting to see doctors, get X Rays and have complicated surgeries that take a huge emotional toll.

We put so much of our health, happiness and wellbeing (not to mention our hard-earned money) into the hands of other people…

When the truth is—

We have the power to help our bodies heal themselves.

Sue Crites Qigong

Spring Forest Qigong teaches us simple, gentle movements that restore our bodies to our natural state as self-healing machines.

And Energy In Motion is the vibrant online membership community where you’ll find convenient video practices you can access whenever you want.

It’s the only online Qigong membership that helps you:

Connect with nature from wherever you are thanks to Sue’s video practices from her gorgeous home in Alberta, Canada
Tap into the energy of an engaged & nurturing community of Qigong lovers all around the world.
Understand BOTH the What and the Why behind your Qigong movements, so that you can make your practice your own
Deepen your understanding of energy healing as a whole—allowing you to share what you’ve learned with your family & your community
Fit your Qigong practice into whatever time you have, with both short, bite-sized practices AND longer, deeper trainings
Feel better in your body, think more positively and stay calm in difficult situations thanks to our deep focus on your personal power

This isn’t just something that “sounds kind of cool”—
Real people are getting real results inside Energy in Motion:

“I was feeling frightened, frustrated, and confused after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and struggling with menopause symptoms. After one week of practicing qigong with Sue, I was feeling better and was less irritable and overwhelmed. I noticed that I felt more peaceful, relaxed, tolerant, and loving.

I resonate with Sue’s teachings. This practice helped me make big changes in my life and in my career. Sue’s community has helped me release, heal and connect to my true self. I actually embrace, embody, and feel JOY!”

– Janet W.
“I joined Energy in Motion to experience more of Sue’s warmth, knowledge and care. I stayed for the healing practice and the community.

Being part of this group raises my vibration. I love having access to so many resources within EIM and that our regular weekly practice always has a different theme.”

– Steffi B.
“I was looking for a deeper understanding of how and why Qigong works both scientifically and spiritually. I work as an Energy Medicine practitioner, and find, by and large, my clients don’t follow through with self-care even when it’s only simple exercises.

I found Sue on FB randomly doing some bouncing and explaining why it works. I love Sue’s level of detail regarding how healing works. I feel Sue brings in the details of how the exercises work, why they work and then brings the practice back to basics so it feels more integrative. This method is very effective for me– it helps me to understand some of the science and rely on the Spiritual aspect to do the actual healing.”

– Amy R.

when you join us inside


You get full, immediate access to:

Join me once a week for a live self-healing Qigong practice, broadcast from my home in Alberta, Canada, or another beautiful outdoor location so that you can experience peace and connect with the healing energy of the Energy in Motion Community. Each week’s practice starts with a short discussion of our focus, followed by a 60-minute practice and a 15-minute seated meditation to leave you feeling calm, relaxed and at peace in your body.
Can’t make the live practice? No problem. Whether something comes up and you have to miss one week or you’re in a different timezone and can never make it live, the Live Practice Replay will be delivered to your email inbox within 24 hours and uploaded to the Member’s Hub, where you can find over 2 years’ worth of Replays to dive into!
This is where  you can post questions, create friendships, and get the support you need to feel like your Qigong practice is connecting you to something bigger than yourself. Since I founded Energy in Motion back in 2019, the Qi Gang has truly taken on a life of its own and I know you’ll love being a part of this engaged community of Qigong lovers!
I know that it can be a struggle to find the time for your Qigong practice in your busy life. That’s why I’ve put together a library of recorded practices for you to choose from based on how much time you can dedicate to your practice on any given day. 


From 10-minute quickies to longer 60-minute sessions, you’ll find something that speaks to you no matter how much time you have.

Including a group discussion and/or a seated meditation, these one-off explorations give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding of the principles of qigong and meditation and feel more at peace while increasing your intuition. 

Past Deep Dive sessions have included a Winter Solstice Sound Bath, Intention Setting for the New Year, Strengthening your Immune System with Wei Qi and more!

→ A vault of audio meditations you can listen to whenever, wherever you want—just grab your headphones & you’re ready to go

→ Access to the Qi Gang bi-monthly Book Club and Social Justice Club, both of which are fully optional ways for you to deepen your connection with other Qigong lovers in the group

A Qigong Buddy: If you’d like, I can pair you up with another member to give you extra accountability, connection and support within the group

PDF Guides to the movements of Spring Forest Qigong so that you understand what & how to do them, and why they work

Recipes, resources and handouts that support your healing and allow you to deepen your understanding of this ancient Chinese art

→ Plus, once your 14-day trial has ended, you’ll be invited to a 1:1 chat with Sue Crites for a personal tour of the Member’s Hub & a private Q&A



Qigong Online Videos

Energy in Motion is the easiest way for you to develop a consistent at-home practice that helps you heal your body AND fits into your busy life.

Brought to you by Healer (and former busy mom), Sue Crites

I’m so confident Energy in Motion will change your life, I’m making you an offer that’s too good to pass up.



Get FULL ACCESS to Energy in Motion today for just $7


Sign up today and then take 2 weeks to look around, join us for the live weekly practices and get to know the Qi Gang. Explore the Member’s Hub and if you don’t feel at home, you can cancel your membership, no questions asked!

The far more likely possibility?

You’ll love it so much that the monthly membership fee of $39 will feel like an incredible deal (because it is!):

The Qi Gang is, without a doubt,
the ONLY community of its kind in the world!

It’s important that I take a minute to point out: your membership to Energy in Motion includes  so much more than the resources I create: 

Membership grants you access to a unique and supportive community you won’t find anywhere else.

Maybe, like me, you live in a rural setting that makes it hard for you to access in-person practice groups…

Maybe you’re still not comfortable with in-person meet ups…

Or maybe you just live in a city that doesn’t offer much in the way of Qigong…

Honestly, when I founded Energy in Motion, I didn’t realize how much people needed a supportive online community centered around Qigong. 

When you join us inside Energy in Motion , you’ll be able to connect with hundreds of passionate people just like you — from all around the world! Many of our members have already forged new friendships that span the globe.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of being part of a loving, healing, and supportive community of like-minded people.  When you meet the other people inside this community, I just know you’re going to feel right at home.

A community like this creates positive energy you can feel through your screen.

Even if you’re watching a recording of a practice and cannot attend live, you’ll still experience the same collective benefits as if you had been practicing at the same time as the group.

That’s the way energy works! Isn’t that cool?

Questions you might need answered before you join us for healing & peace inside Energy in Motion:

While there are many wonderful forms of Qigong, I will be leading you through the movements of Spring Forest Qigong created by Master Chunyi Lin. Spring Forest Qigong is a form of medical qigong which helps with complete healing of the physical body, mind, emotions, and spirit. The movements are simple, gentle, and accessible to anyone, even if you’ve been injured in the past.
This is not a religious practice. If you are a religious person, you can use this practice to enhance or deepen your spiritual beliefs. If you are not a religious person, you can simply relax, smile, and feel wonderful healing energy flowing through your body!
Practice sessions take place on Tuesdays at 11:45 AM Mountain Time. Recordings are generally sent  out within 24 hours (barring technical difficulties!).
You will have access to the recording as soon as it is ready and can watch (and re-watch) them at the time that works for you. Even if you’re engaging with the practice after we’ve gathered live, you’ll still receive the benefits of practicing in a group.
Each session lasts for approximately 75 minutes. We kick things off with a 15 minute discussion chat where member’s share good news & a bit of what’s going on in their lives (this is not recorded). Then we move on to a 15-minute Wisdom Teaching on a particular theme related to the seasons and/or the 5 Elements. Next, we move on to a 30-minute Qigong practice related to that week’s theme. Finally, there’s a 15-minute seated meditation to ensure you log off feeling peaceful and refreshed. 


From 10-minute quickies to longer 60-minute sessions, you’ll find something that speaks to you no matter how much time you have.

Inside Energy in Motion, we use the same “good/better/best” philosophy taught by Master Chunyi Lin:

If you can find time to join us for the live practice (or catch the replay) once a week? That’s great. I’m sure you’ll notice the benefits of making this time for yourself.

If you can find the time to practice a few days a week, even better! You’ll likely notice a difference in how you feel on the days you do / don’t get to it. 

And if you can find at least a few minutes every day to tune into your energy and notice how you feel? Of course, that’s the best. 

Remember—you don’t have to commit to a lengthy practice for it to “count”. 

As long as you’re regularly practicing and present when you do, I’m confident you’ll notice a dramatic difference in how you feel. 

Absolutely! If you have difficulty standing, you can be seated the entire time. You will still benefit by visualizing the movements. The movements are very slow and gentle. They do not require much flexibility. There are no awkward or stretching movements. If you have concerns, please check with your doctor before starting this program.
My pleasure! Your monthly membership to the Energy in Motion community includes:

  • Weekly live Spring Forest Qigong practices on Zoom
  • Weekly live practice replays delivered straight to your inbox the very next day
  • Access to the private Qi Gang Facebook group, where you can connect with other Qigong enthusiasts from all over the world
  • Access to upcoming Deep Dive Sessions and recordings of past sessions, where we explore topics requested by the group in greater detail
  • Access to recorded practices of various lengths from 10-minute Quickies to the longer 60-minute sessions, you’ll find exactly what you need no matter how much time you have
  • A vault of Audio meditations you can listen to whenever, wherever you want
  • Access to the Qi Gang bi-monthly Book Club and Group Leader Club, both of which are fully optional ways for you to deepen your connection with other Qigong lovers in the group
  • A Qigong Buddy: If you’d like, I can pair you up with another member to give you extra accountability, connection and support within the group
  • PDF Guides to the movements of Spring Forest Qigong so that you understand what & how to do them, and why they work
  • Recipes, resources and handouts that support your healing and allow you to deepen your understanding of this ancient Chinese art. 


Will Energy in Motion help YOU heal your body, mind & soul?

9 signs signing up is your BEST next step


You’re new to Qigong and you want to make sure you start your healing journey on the right foot.
There is a wealth of information inside the EIM Member’s Hub to help you understand the individual movements that make up Spring Forest Qigong, from video introductions to the movements to PDF handouts that explain the what/why & how. The variety of practices at your fingertips mean you’ll always find something accessible. And, since you can bring any questions to The Qi Gang on Facebook, answers are only ever an easy post away.


You’ve been practicing Qigong for a while now, and you want to breathe new life into your routine.
Sue’s live weekly sessions are perfect for experienced practitioners who want to cultivate an intentional practice that’s aligned with The Theory of the 5 Elements. While these practices are also suitable for beginners, advanced Qigong practitioners will love their longer length and the fact that each week opens with a short discussion and closes with a seated meditation so that you leave feeling peaceful and refreshed.


You love the idea of being part of The Qi Gang online community!
I really can’t overstate the impact that being part of this group will have on your Qigong practice—or your life. If you’ve been feeling lonely, isolated, or like your at-home practice lacks purpose because you’re not tuned into the energy of a group, this is your chance to join the vibrant, supportive community of generous, caring individuals inside Energy in Motion.


You understand that Qigong is a SELF-healing practice.
Qigong has been proven to help reduce chronic pain and effectively combat depression & other forms of emotional distress*. But you know that whether or not you experience results from your Qigong practice depends on YOU.


You’re willing to show up for yourself, whether you do the movements or not.
In order to experience the many benefits of Qigong, you have to make time for yourself and be present as you practice. Even if you’re not able to do the movements, as long as you’re fully present for the practice, you can still experience the healing benefits of Qigong. With all of the recorded practices and resources within Energy in Motion finding a practice you enjoy will be easier than ever.


You want a consistent Qigong practice—even if you’re worried you can’t commit to every day
Honestly, you do NOT need to practice Qigong daily to experience dramatic results. Until the global pandemic, it was not common for practice groups to meet more than once a week. That being said, many Qigong lovers find that they come to love the meditative movements so much, they miss Qigong on the days they don’t do something. My hope for you when you join Energy in Motion is that you develop a Qigong practice that feels like yours, whatever that looks like. There are no wrong answers here.


You’re hoping that Spring Forest Qigong will support your healing journey
Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, chronic illness, or recovering from surgery or an accident… Whether your pain is physical or emotional… Whether you’re struggling with physical movement or a spiritual crisis… Qigong can help you heal, body, mind and soul.


You want to continue learning from Sue!
Most people who sign up for Energy in Motion know me from the classes I host within the Spring Forest Qigong Facebook community (if you haven’t come from there, it’s a great place to get to know my style and see if you like my voice). As a Spring Forest Qigong instructor, Healer and former Holistic Nutritionist, I pride myself on the depth and breadth of information I share about holistic healing in general, as well as the WHY behind energy healing and how it works. Energy in Motion is the online space I created to help Qigong lovers heal themselves by teaching them everything I know.


You’re willing to take the next 2 weeks to test it out and see if Energy in Motion is everything you’re looking for—for just $7 USD.
During your trial period, everything is available to you. Join us for the live weekly practices, explore the additional resources, and connect with the Qi Gang in the Facebook group. You can always reach out there, or email me directly if you have any questions about where things are / how it works (not to mention, there’s a video tour waiting for you in the Member’s Hub).

Once your 14-day trial has ended, you’ll be sent a link to book a free, private 1:1 tour with Sue so that you can get the most out of this comprehensive Qigong membership community for as long as you choose to stay.

If at least 6 of the points above resonate as true to you, I hope you’ll accept this invitation to be part of Energy in Motion.

We’d be thrilled to have you join us!

The Qigong community you’ve been craving is waiting for you to choose YOU

Join Energy in Motion today for just $7 USD

After the 14-day trial period, you’ll pay a monthly membership fee of $39 USD

Take 2 weeks to look around, join us for the live weekly practices, and get to know the Qi Gang. If you don’t feel at home, you can cancel your membership with the click of a button, no questions asked!


“I love that Sue is well prepared for each class with a lovely natural backdrop that brings a greater sense of calm and beauty to the session.

I can reach stillness during the meditations which allows for healing. Sue provides effective grounding exercises which is so important to me. Thanks to Energy in Motion, I feel deeply connected to Divine energies and to my inner self. I’m more attuned to my life’s purpose and my fear has vanished!”

– Amy Romano, EIM member

“When you practice Qigong, you’re not only helping yourself to heal, you are healing the world”

One final thought—

As healers, parents, caregivers, nurturers, empaths and highly sensitive people, we spend so much of our time focused on how we can serve the world.

The quote above is valid and true—the benefits of your Qigong practice extend beyond just you.

And yet, we often spend too little time focused on how we can help ourselves.

Qigong was first recommended to me as a way to restore my own energy when I was healing other people.

Yes, it allows us to be of greater service to the world.

But taking time for your Qigong practice is a form of self-love.

And you deserve to take time to focus on you.

Just a few minutes a day can make a dramatic difference to how you feel – emotionally, physically, spiritually – on any given day.

What do you say?

Join today for just $7 USD and explore the Energy in Motion community for 2 whole weeks. After the 14-day trial period, you’ll pay a monthly membership fee of just $39 USD.

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