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Hi, I’m Sue Crites

I’m here to help you connect with Nature, the Universe and your True Self

You’re here because you want to feel better…

Believe me, I know what that’s like.

Before I found Spring Forest Qigong, I was often:

  • Short with my family (“Find your own &#$! socks!”)
  • Anxious & strapped for time
  • Sleeping poorly and suffering from random aches & pains

Despite the fact that I was working as a holistic nutritionist and auricular healer, I was so used to that quality of life, those nagging issues became my normal.

Then I tried Qigong—and I couldn’t believe how quickly my complaints faded away.

The best part? My story isn’t unique.

Dozens of people within my online community, Energy in Motion, have experienced physical, emotional and spiritual transformations thanks to their Spring Forest Qigong practice

“As long as I maintain my Qigong practice, I am relatively pain free, no longer anxious and free of despair.”

When I started Qigong, I was in constant pain from arthritis, neuropathy, & osteo/skeletal degeneration. I suffered from severe anxiety & hopelessness. I couldn’t walk my dogs. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed.

Now I can walk several miles a day without pain. I even go for hikes. As long as I maintain my Qigong practice, I am relatively pain free, no longer anxious and free of despair.

– Lynn T.

“My qigong practice helps me feel more calm, content, connected and peaceful.”

I joined Energy in Motion because I was looking for a community within which I could support and deepen my Qigong practice. I was struggling with anger, resentment, frustration, depression and low back pain.

I notice the difference immediately if I do not practice consistently: I am not as calm, grounded or peaceful and I find it harder to see things from a big perspective.

When I do practice, I am drawn to eat better, and sleep with more regularity. My qigong practice helps me feel more calm, content, connected, and peaceful.

– Karen B.

“I’m more connected to my body and more confident that I can move it and heal it on my own.”

The number one thing I’ve gained from Energy in Motion is a better mindset.

I’m less reactive and try to understand more of where people are coming from. I feel more free to be myself, more connected to the universe as a whole, and more capable of letting go of things/people that no longer serve my higher good.

I’m also more connected to my body and more confident that I can move it and heal it on my own.

– Sara S.

Science, Spirituality, Traditional Chinese Medicine concentric circles

Three threads run through all my work: Science, Spirituality and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Qigong may seem a little “out there” to some, but the teachings I share inside Energy in Motion are really the culmination of a career that weaves together the natural sciences, energy healing and this ancient healing technique.

With a Master’s Degree in Science with a focus on plant ecology, a diploma in Holistic Nutrition and a certification in Auricular Medicine, my work was deeply rooted in nature and healing before I ever encountered Qigong.

But once I experienced its impact for myself?
I was hooked.

What do I love most about Spring Forest Qigong?
Unlike other forms of energy healing, Qigong makes it possible for you to heal yourself

As I went through the rigorous Level 1–4 Spring Forest Qigong Certification trainings, I realized that helping people heal themselves through Qigong was how I wanted to make a difference in the world.

These days, from my home in Northern Alberta, Canada, (where the aurora borealis lights up the winter sky), I share my knowledge with hundreds of people from all over the world, both within my online membership community, Energy in Motion, and regular live workshops.

Each week, a global community of Qigong lovers joins me for a live practice on my peaceful rural property

Whether I’m practicing in a grove of aspen trees, on my front porch with the sunrise and horses in the background, or on the deck at Luna’s pond (Luna’s my Black Lab)… Practicing with me will transport you from your home to mine—minus the mosquitos or the winter cold.

With a background in plant ecology, holistic nutrition and auricular healing, my students love that I share not just *what* to do, but *how* the movements of your Qigong practice help your body heal.

“Sue brings in the details of how the exercises work, why they work and then brings the practice back to basics”

I was looking for a deeper understanding of how and why Qigong works both scientifically and spiritually when I found Sue on FB doing some bouncing and explaining why it works.

I love Sue’s level of detail regarding how healing works. I feel Sue brings in the details of how the exercises work, why they work and then brings the practice back to basics so it feels more integrative.

This method is very effective for me– it helps me to understand some of the science and rely on the Spiritual aspect to do the actual healing.

– Amy R.

“Sue is my favourite of all the qigong instructors I have practiced with!”

Her voice is calm and clear, and her pace of speech is good for hearing, following, understanding, etc.

I like that I always feel as though she genuinely cares about us all. When she speaks, whatever she has to say always comes across as genuine—never contrived or lip service to an idea.

Physically, I’ve noticed significant improvement in those symptoms for which I sought it out. Mentally, I think I have more equanimity in general. I don’t tend to get as caught up emotionally in small stuff. And I think I’m a kinder, gentler person when I practice regularly.

– Janet W.

“I like that Sue speaks to the details of each movement, so that it ‘sinks’ into my mind.”

A friend told me about Energy in Motion and I decided to try it for a month. Then I continued.

I like that Sue speaks to the details of each movement, so that it ‘sinks’ into my mind. I don’t mind her ‘chatter’ as I am absorbing and learning, as she is speaking. Her tone is soft and gentle, soothing to listen to.

I appreciate the 15-minute sessions Sue holds before the active exercises.

It is a learning moment for me. I feel contented after her class, and try not to let minor interruptions disrupt my contented mood.

– Lily L.

Morning Mojo is a 10-minute qigong routine that will help you increase energy, reduce stress, and achieve balance!

This is a great way to get started with qigong.
Included are seven instructional modules and a downloadable MP3 file!

Whether you’re just getting started with Qigong or looking to deepen your current practice, here are 3 ways I can help:

Pick a short practice to try right now

Whether you’re just getting started with your healing journey or you’ve been working on your healing for years, I have a wide variety of both free and paid resources to help you feel better in the next 60 minutes.

With everything from a free 15-minute Gratitude Meditation to a 31 Day course to help you get and stay consistent, odds are I’ve got a resource that’s just what you’re looking for.

Enjoy Support and Connection within my Qigong Community

Love practicing Qigong from home, but miss the shared energy of a live practice group? Energy in Motion provides the connection, support and accountability you crave.

Within this private community, you can:

  • Make connections in our Book Club
  • Dig into seasonal recipes and seasonal wisdom
  • Access a vault of guided meditations & video practices (10-60 mins in length)

Join us for the live weekly training or catch the replay whenever you want. Either way, you’ll leave feeling energized, optimistic and refreshed. Sound like what you need?

Go deeper with a Qigong Certification Training

Would you like to deepen your understanding of Qigong and strengthen your own life force energy? Or are you interested in becoming a powerful healer or a qigong teacher?

As a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor, I teach Levels 1, 2, and 3 Spring Forest Qigong for Certification.

Click through below for training dates & details:

I like the way Sue combines Science, Nature and Spring Forest Qigong.

She speaks to my practical nature and nourishes my emotional and soulful self. I find her easy to follow and the practices flow well.

I have learned so much listening to the chat portion of the weekly sessions in addition to the active and meditation parts as well. Sue’s teachings stay with me long after class has ended.

There are so many things I love about Sue and her teachings, but one of my favourites is how she brings nature into the 5 element practice.

When Sue brings us along with her to practice in front of Luna’s pond, or a grove of beautiful trees deep in her woods, I feel healing from these living, growing, moving elements in addition to the healing energy I am certain I am receiving from Sue. I feel as if I’m right there and not separated by miles or a computer screen.

Sue’s knowledge, teaching style and soothing voice are inviting, kind, and inclusive. I am so grateful for the Energy in Motion community and for Sue’s incredible love and guidance.

Interested in collaborating?

I occasionally partner with other educators and content creators on workshops, courses and masterclasses.

If you’d like to explore the possibility of working together, fill out this form and either I or someone from my team will be in touch.

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