A simple ritual to enhance spirituality

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Read on for a simple exercise to enhance your spirituality.
It’s been a challenging year for all of us but the light is coming and hope always accompanies light!

In addition to the pandemic situation, for me this year has been one of and the subsequent surgery. These situations have of course led to great insights and growth.

There are silver linings everywhere if we choose to look for them.

One silver lining is a deepening of my relationship to myself. While my knee isn’t completely healed, it has served as a guide for self-love and self-care. I have spent a great deal of time meditating, practising qigong, working with a teacher, and doing more teaching than ever before. This has also further enhanced my dedication to my qigong practice and my desire to share it with others. I am amazed at how this practice has shown up for me during dark times (and there were many) but is also fully present in the wonderful joyous times!

isn’t only a moving meditation. It is a practice that cultivates powerful life force energy within; that connects us to something bigger than ourselves; that helps us feel better physically and emotionally; through which we gain clarity on our life purpose as we heal our past, present and future. Truely. It can do that. I experience this gift everyday. And when I practice, it not only helps me, it helps my family, my pets, my friends, my community and the world. It helps my whole life run smoother. It just does.

But even if you don’t practice qigong (yet!), there are simple routines and rituals that can enhance your daily life. Today I am sharing an exercise with you that I learned from my teacher, Master Chunyi Lin. This exercise can help you enhance your life, relationships, health, connection to yourself, your spirituality, and your qigong practice (if you have one).

taken from an class that explains the exercise.


At the end of the day, have a conversation with yourself. Instead of what you have to do tomorrow, examine your actions from the day. Not to judge, just to observe. Ask yourself:

“Have I loved today?” “Have I loved myself?” “Have I loved others?” “Have I loved my family?” “Have I loved the people I was in contact with?” “Have I taken time to feel that love?” “How can I love more?” “Have I been kind to others, whether they were kind to me or not?” “Have I been kind to myself?”

This practice of taking stock is a great way to be mindful of our encounters and enhance them.

It is a powerful form of self care and a practice that will open your heart and enhance your spiritual connection. I encourage you to try it and observe how it enhances your experiences and adds richness to your day and relationships.

Here are some coming events!

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Thank you for reading and I hope you can feel the spring energy (or the fall energy for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere!). More on the liver, the organ of spring, soon!

Much love, light, and deep gratitude,

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Sue Crites MSc, NCP Holistic Healing & Qigong


  1. Donna Hughes

    Would like to take upcoming level 1 but not proficient in using Zoom. Any suggestions? Also my printer is not working. Am looking into anew one. Can any handouts be mailed to me?

  2. Sue Crites

    Hi Donna. Zoom is fairly straightforward and there are many tutorials you can take to get familiar with it before class starts. There is no option for handouts to be mailed, but you could send them to a printing service store to get printed.


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