Happy Spring!

Were you wondering if spring was ever going to arrive?

I know I have been pretty quiet over here for the last few months. I have good reasons. Firstly, I was in Baja Mexico for a few weeks (six to be exact). Mountain Man has been recovering from an ankle injury and surgery. The sun, ocean, and snow-free environment seemed like the best healing protocol we could find. Secondly, I like to get quiet during the yin-time of winter. This is the time when I go inward, let ideas percolate, go into deep meditations, and generally lay low. This obviously makes running an online business a bit of a challenge!

But now Spring is here!

The energy is strong and ready to support our exit from the cave. Seasonal transitions can be challenging. As the yang energy gets stronger, we also have more energy. This energy will be readily accessible if we managed to take care of ourselves over the winter by supporting and protecting our kidney energy.

Now the liver is on duty (can you say liver cleanse!). There are a few things we can do to support ourselves during this strong transition.

  1. Bounce! By taking a few minutes each day (upon waking is great) to bounce, you can support the liver as it works hard to detoxify your body and clear out the acidic energy. Bouncing gets the lymph and fluids moving and also sends energy to the spine. Bounce with your feet hip-width apart, bounce from the knees as the feet remain flat on the floor. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth as you bounce. Let the shoulders and hands be loose. Put a gentle smile on your face to send some great endorphins throughout the body. You can also raise your arms above your head and let your wrists flop loosely as you bounce. Do this for 3-5 minutes a day.Check out this video I made on bouncing.
  2. Sweat! You can help your body clear out the slow-moving qi and wake up the organs and tissues by exercising to the point of sweating each day. This qi is transformed by heat (fire element). As you exercise you are helping the body to detoxify. Sweating outside is even better (after the sun is up – see below). 
  3. Wait for the sun! Do not exercise outdoors until 30 minutes after the sun has come up. If you can’t do this, don’t worry, just bounce a bit more each day. The land is also detoxifying, just like us, and is getting rid of the slow-moving qi (energy). This qi is transformed in the sun, once it has been up for a bit. If you exercise outdoors before this, you may take in some of this acidic energy. 
  4. Eat green! You will hear me talk about this a lot in the weeks to come. Green foods support the liver and your energy at this time. In the early spring, green vegetables are best when they lightly steamed or in a soup or stew. You can start to have more raw vegetables at this time (if your digestion is strong), but it’s not salad season yet. Here is a simple asparagus recipe I like to share each year!
  5. Avoid deep-fried foods and limit alcohol and your liver will love you even more! Deep-fried foods have acidic energy that is not good for the liver. While it is on duty, it’s best to support it as much as possible so it can support you. And as you know, the liver has to break down alcohol. While it is naturally trying to detox, added work can damage the liver cells and make them less effective. 
  6. Be happy! According to the principles of the Five Element Theory, the energy of happiness supports the liver, the gallbladder, and changes the chemistry of all the cells in the body! It also dispels anger which can cause damage to the liver. Observe the happiness in nature as leaves begin to open and green grass sprouts, as birds return and sing their songs, as bees begin buzzing as the sun warms the land. It’s a beautiful time to bring this energy into your body through your eyes, ears, and nose. Smile as you do so and see this smile in every cell of your body. 

The image above was from yesterday’s special Spring Equinox practice for Energy in Motion. It was so warm and the energy was so strong! What a gift to be outside!

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Enjoy this day, enjoy the light, and enjoy the sights and sounds of spring!
Love and light,

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