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Your Spring to-do list!

Your Spring to-do list!

Happy Spring! Were you wondering if spring was ever going to arrive? I know I have been pretty quiet over here for the last few months. I have good reasons. Firstly, I was in Baja Mexico for a few weeks (9 to be exact). The sun, ocean, and snow-free environment was...

A Feng Shui tip for welcoming spring energy!

A Feng Shui tip for welcoming spring energy!

This week in class, I shared a Feng Shui tip to help you welcome in Spring energy as you clear out some stagnant energy of winter. When you welcome new energy into your home it helps your health, energy, mood and liver! As you know, what is happening outside in nature...

Navigating through Graduating: a re-visit from stress

Navigating through Graduating: a re-visit from stress

I have some big news! My son Luke graduated! Whoop! Luke was my second –and final– child to graduate from high school. In these parts (Alberta, Canada), we make a big deal about this milestone. There was undoubtedly less-stress having a boy graduate than there was...

Screenshot of Sue Crites Qi Gong at Home Breathing Techniques

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