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Love your Liver

A virtual workshop to energize and support your lovely liver!

Are you:

*frustrated or angry?
*able to plan and be flexible?
*experiencing springtime allergies?
*having issues with digestion?
*experiencing achey joints or tendonitis?
*experiencing headaches?
*struggling with decision-making?

If you answered yes to any of the above, your liver may need some support!

It may or may not be spring where you are, but no matter what the season, your liver is working hard for you.
In the springtime the liver is the organ on duty and is helping you detoxify, balance your hormones, clear your vision, support your tendons, and ligaments, and help with the planning and planting that is our springtime focus according to the Five Element Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
There are many empowering practises and exercises you can incorporate into your life to help support your liver and balance many of the issues listed above. True health is about addressing the whole being; it is important to not only address your physical liver and related tissues, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of your liver.
In this workshop, we will be giving you simple but powerful tools to support your liver in its vital role of detoxification and organs and tissue support. This will help you balance many of the symptoms listed above and also help you with clarity and making plans for this season of your life. We will encourage you to engage in these healing practices and we will provide support and accountability to keep you on track.

Topics we will cover include:

  • What is the role of the liver?
  • Signs of liver imbalance
  • The liver and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Liver-loving foods and recipes
  • Tracing of Liver and Gallbladder meridians (energy channels)
  • Spring Forest Qigong movements to support the liver
  • Acupressure exercises
  • Journaling to support the emotional and spiritual aspects of the liver
  • Demonstration of Spring Forest Qigong healing technique to clear blockages from liver

Love Your Liver


**No refunds within 14 days of the event. More than 14-21 days receive 50% refund.


Your Instructors

Munira Jiwa

Munira Jiwa

Spring Forest Qigong Master

  • Born in Kenya and moved to Canada in 1974
  • Graduated from the University of Alberta as a Physical Therapist in 1995
  • Played ball hockey, soccer and foosball (self-named foosball queen)
  • I went skydiving!
  • Lived in Montreal, Zurich and currently in Calgary
  • I love the mountains and introduced Master Lin to Lake Louise, now one of his favourite places! 
  • Brought Spring Forest Qigong to Canada and created a growing community of leaders
  • Since starting qigong, my two little boys have turned into large (young) adults!
  • I love to sing and paint using the infinite inspiration of nature’s gifts!
  • I love Thai and Vietnamese food
  • A Love Radiator and Spreader of Qi~JOY!
Sue Crites

Sue Crites

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor

  • Transitioned from city mouse (Calgary, AB) to country mouse (outside of Athabasca, AB) 
  • Masters Degree in Science (Plant Ecology) and Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Auricular Medicine
  • Started teaching qigong online in 2017 because it was too cold to leave my house and infinitely increased my student roster from 3 to 3000 (wishful)! 
  • My favourite is to share qigong surrounded by the wild inspirational beauty of nature 
  • Livestream bloopers include a horse chewing my hair
  • My love for Mexico, the beach and qigong led to qigong retreats on the beach
  • I love my kids but I might love my empty nest even more (shhh)
  • When not teaching workshops, splitting wood or baling hay you can find me taking millions of photos of my inspiring surroundings!

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