Going green: four tips to help improve your energy and health this spring

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Spring is a time of rebirth, renewal, elimination, and growth. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine the organ of spring is the liver. There are many ways to support your liver and gain energy during this season of infinite possibilities.

The liver is responsible for filtering impurities out of your blood and, ultimately, your body. It works hard. Cleansing and supporting the liver in springtime can help you gain energy and improve health. Personally, this year I am drawn to complete a juice cleanse; something I have not tried before. I have noticed a few aches and pains in my joints and tendons; these are signs of a liver imbalance. Other signs of a liver imbalance include anger, cravings or aversions to sour foods, arthritis, hormonal imbalances (PMS, mood swings, hot flashes), allergies (related to stomach also), or coughing and lung problems (this is lung trying to control the liver). I experience seasonal allergies, and as I watch the tree buds swelling, I know it’s time for me to take preventative action!

Here are a few ways to support your liver this spring:

  1. Get moving. Spring is a season of active (or yang) energy. Being active can support your liver while sweating further supports the detoxification process. Practice qigong exercises, garden, go for a walk or run, dance, or play tag. If being active is new to you, start slowly by doing a few minutes each day. Do these activities outdoors whenever possible. Connecting with the energy of the season further helps to balance your body.
  2. Eat green. Green foods support the liver and thus are very beneficial at this time. Green plants are alkalizing and contain chlorophyll, which aids in supporting and healing the body and the liver. Chlorophyll allows plants to absorb energy from the sun, how yummy is that? Green plants are sprouting outdoors in springtime, and because we are part of the universe, what is happening in nature gives us clues as to what we should be doing to support ourselves. Look for locally grown, organic sources of green foods. If these are not available, think about what the next best choice would be. Foods of spring include sprouts, asparagus (click for recipe), dandelion greens, spinach, kale (click for recipe), and broccoli. Eat them raw or lightly steamed or sautéed. Avoid over cooking. To further support your body and your liver, think about eating lighter in the springtime, meaning smaller portions and with less oil or grease.
  3. See green. Eyes are the sensory elements of spring. By looking at the colour green, especially green leaves and grass you can help support the eyes and the liver. Brightly coloured paintings in your home are also beneficial, as are green houseplants. Having a plant by the computer can help support your liver, especially if you look at it frequently. It also helps to take some quiet time to breathe deeply and gently, slow down your breath and visualise your liver is bathed in beautiful green light (wait a sec…. you’re meditating!).
  4. Go green. By feeling happiness and gratitude you can help balance the emotions that come with springtime. During this time, you may feel anger or stress, or maybe you cannot create what you had hoped, and/or you are feeling tired and lethargic. These symptoms may indicate a liver imbalance. By being mindful and recalling the things that have made you happy recently, even the small things like being paid a compliment, seeing an old friend, eating a juicy strawberry, or observing the beautiful green leaves as they emerge, you can heal the difficult emotions that often accompany spring, thus supporting your liver as well. I also find being grateful for all you have, including nature, this season, the planet, and the universe supports your liver and help heal your emotions. For me this often includes being conscious of recycling, reusing, walking more, and thinking about how to care for and protect the beauty I see each day when I step outside.

You will feel better if you nourish and nurture your liver this spring. Like the new seedlings sprouting on the forest floor, springtime is filled with infinite possibilities. By connecting yourself to nature you can feel renewal within and live a healthy life filled with consciousness and gratitude. Get outside, be grateful, and go green!

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Love and light,

Sue Crites MSc, NCP
Qigong Teacher, Mentor, and Energy Coach

I help women balance and heal, creating space for happiness, connection, and love. At times, we can be stuck in a place that has become normal: digestive issues, fear, anger, PMS or menopause symptoms, negativity, or maybe something seems to be missing: meaning or purpose. By removing blockages and making some deep changes, our lives can return to a place of balance. That’s where I come in. When we are in balance our energy flows smoothly, we feel good, and our intuition can be heard. It is then that we shine our brightest!


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