Nature, Nurture, and Nourish – A Woman's Retreat Nov. 6-8, 2015

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A magical retreat for women who feel called. We will retreat to a cozy lodge in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta, Canada.


Breathe again, deeper…..

Ah, that’s better.

Have you been busy?
Do you find yourself giving, giving, and giving? Do you need some time for yourself?
Would you like to play with creating more of what you want in your life and letting go of what you don’t?
Did you know your emotions and health are directly related to what is going on in nature?
On this retreat, you will learn techniques to help you balance your life and emotions so you are happier, healthier, and ready for winter!

lodge at night
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I am passionate about helping others live a life with more love, joy, and happiness.

Join me….
We will connect.
We will explore.
We will create.
We will commune over nourishing seasonal food.
We will feed our souls.
Oh, and of course we will laugh!

You lead a busy life. Think about all the things that influence how you spend your time each day. You have many roles, many responsibilities, and wear many hats. In all this busy-ness, it’s easy to put yourself on the back burner; to overlook the importance of self-care. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! Sometimes you can only find the time and energy to do what needs to be done, and that’s it.

But what if you were able to pause; for time to stand still; a chance for you to go inward; to tune into yourself right now at this moment. What does this moment feel like? Don’t think about what it should feel like; just feel it. This is you getting out of your head and listening to your soul. What is your soul saying to you right now, at this moment? What if you had the tools available to you to pause throughout the day and feel the moments as they are happening; and not just feel them, but even appreciate them?

I will share these tools with you.

Do you often feel obligated to do things? There are so many things you should be doing! Do you have a conversation in your brain, talking yourself into or out of the things you should be doing? Do you like to make lists? There is another way to live. By living your life through inspiration, not obligation, your soul gets to shine. And when your soul shines, there is way more joy in your life!

I will show you how to follow your inspiration.

As fall fades to winter and the skies darken, the earth’s energy goes into the ground. The same thing is happening to you. It’s the perfect time for introspection, nurturing, and renewal. In this dark but peaceful place, you find the light of your soul. As you feed your body the food of the fall and winter seasons, get more rest, nurture yourself indoors, and create your self-care rituals, you become more in alignment with the universe; with the energy that is all around you, waiting for you. This is what feeds your soul; this is what connects you to yourself; awakening the you from within; nurturing her…and she is beautiful!

By understanding the powerful influence the seasons have on your emotions and your physical body, you can learn to live in balance and alignment with the earth and the nature that surrounds you.

I have created a space for you here. This space is for you and a few special women. The women coming into this space are being drawn to it just as you are. That’s how magic happens! That’s the energy of the universe at work. If it feels right, allow yourself to slip into this space. In this space you will be able to nurture, reflect, and create. In this space–your space–you will be supported.

I am honoured to be your guide.

The last workshop I did with Sue was a wonderful healing day and I am left wanting to do attend any and all workshops that she puts together!” Michelle

I will show you how to develop your own soul-soothing rituals; how to align your energy with that of the season so you feel connected to your true self, the universe, and all that is.

Here’s what you can expect will happen:

  • Be nurtured by nature
  • Eat nourishing seasonal food
  • Discover a deeper connection to your soul
  • Understand how universal energy influences us daily and seasonally
  • Mountains and water will inspire you
  • Discover what you need more of and what you can let go of
  • Know what foods and personal practices will support you best this winter
  • Walk through forested paths and mountain foothills
  • Gaze at the stars of winter, and even learn some constellations
  • Return home with self-healing techniques that can be practiced any time, anywhere, and in any situation
  • Know how to separate yourself from your emotions, allowing you to feel calm in stressful situations
  • Return to the world with your personally crafted plan on how to nurture and nourish yourself daily
  • Ongoing support to implement your new practice: we will connect in a private Nature, Nurture, and Nourish Facebook group
  • Oh and you will breathe, deeply.

Your retreat includes:

  • Two nights accommodation at beautiful Goldeye Centre
  • Two Spring Forest Qigong sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • Breath work
  • Healing sessions (optional), at an additional cost
  • Massage (Yes! It’s confirmed!), at an additional cost
  • Journaling sessions
  • Nourishing and delicious meals and refreshments throughout the weekend (snacks Friday, breakfast, lunch, and dinner Saturday, breakfast and lunch Sunday).
  • Access to all the wonderful amenities at Goldeye Centre (relax by the fire, nature trails, canoeing or skating (!), marshmallow roast).


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Tentative Retreat Itinerary

Here is an outline of what I have crafted for you, without giving away all the good stuff! If you have worked with me before, you know that I respond to the energy of the group and what I feel the group as a whole needs. What that means is, I may change up this schedule somewhat, or add or remove something at the time of teaching or between now and then if I feel the need. But don’t worry, it will be exactly what you need!


4-7 arrive and check-in. Massage, Energy Healing, supper on your own (nearby in Nordegg).
7-9 PM Gather and introductions. Self-evaluation exercise. Discussion, journaling, guided meditation.
9-10 PM: Mix and mingle (bring your favourite Cabernet).

8 AM Introduction to Spring Forest Qigong followed by qigong meditation session.
9 AM Breakfast. Optional outdoor walk.
10 AM-12 PM The five elements and the seasons. Journal. Guided meditation.
12-3 PM Lunch and free time. Healing sessions, massage, hikes, walk, journal, meditate.
3-5 PM The five elements and you. Connecting and balancing mind (emotions), body, and spirit. Your winter self-care draft.
Saturday Evening: Supper and free time. Healing sessions, massage, hike, walk, journal, meditate. Fire circle discussion and s’mores (inside or outside, weather permitting).

8 AM Qigong Meditation
9-10 AM Breakfast
10 AM-12 PM Love, joy, and desire. Discussion, journaling, meditation. Self-care plan.
12-1 PM Lunch
1-2 PM Wrap-up, discussion, future support, guided meditation.
2-3 PM Optional hike or depart.

Beautiful Goldeye Centre is a secluded retreat facility located inside the first range of the Rocky Mountains among the beautiful pines at Goldeye Lake, which is about 100 km west of Red Deer on the David Thompson Highway #11. Here’s the Google Map.

We will gather Friday November 6, 2015 at 7:00 PM and part Sunday November 8 at 2:00 PM.


Single Occupancy (limited) $750.00 +GST 

Double Occupancy $630.00 +GST 

A deposit of $350 will secure your spot.


The deposit is non-refundable as a room will be secured for you upon payment. Remainder due October 15, 2015 (unless we have made other arrangements).

Once you have read and filled out the registration form, you can return here for payment. Note there is an additional 10% processing fee for Credit Card and PayPal payments (these forms of payment include fees). There is no additional charge for eTranfer or Cheque.


Deposits and Payments can be sent via etransfer to, by PayPal (link below), or by personal cheque. If you wish to use a credit card, please let me know via email and we can make arrangement over the phone.  Note there is an additional 5% processing fee for Credit Card and PayPal payments (these forms of payment include fees). There is no additional charge for eTranfer or Cheque. If cash is tight, I am open to discussing payment options.

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I’m not paying in full at this time, but here’s my non-refundable deposit of $350 to hold my spot plus 5% PayPal Fee. I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions.


Click here to download an image of the poster to share (thank you)!

Want to know a bit about me?

Hi! I’m Sue Crites, Holistic Healer, Nutritionist, and Intuitive Guide. I love what I do. I work with women to remove blockages to help them balance and heal; creating space for happiness, connection, and love.

  • For over ten years I have practiced in my private holistic health clinic and also have a distance practice (by phone or Sykpe)
  • I teach Qigong classes in Athabasca, St. Albert, and online
  • Other things about me
    • Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Alberta (I am a botanist too!)
    • Diploma in Holistic Nutrition
    • Certified in Auricular Medicine(an energetic assessment technique)
    • Certified in Biotherapeutic Drainage (detoxification, homoeopathy)
    • Spring Forest Qigong Master Healer
    • Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor (one of four in Canada);
    • I am passionate about the energy of the seasons and how we can life better lives when we are in harmony with nature, the planet, and ourselves.
    • I believe that by sharing my experiences I am helping others
    • Published Huffington Post Blogger!

I look forward to seeing you at this retreat or another event in the future!




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