The energy is very powerful around this season of solstice. Summer has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and winter has arrived in the Southern Hemisphere. You may have noticed some challenges with this energy. 

What can you do to stay balanced during the summer solstice season?

Focus on the light. Energy cannot be destroyed, but you can transform it. Any challenging energy can be transformed into positive energy to help you personally and globally. How can you transform it?

By bringing light into your heart.

Light has the energetic properties to communicate with any beings in the universe. Also, light knows no limitations of time and space. Your heart has the energetic code to transform this light and use it to help yourself and the planet. Heart energy is transformational energy. Solstice energy is here to support the transformation.

Slow down your breath, drop your shoulders, smile, go into the emptiness as you breathe, find peace and serenity, and tell the universe what you want. By doing this you are synchronizing the frequency in your heart with that of the universe. This resonance allows you to transform the energy you don’t need in your life, as well as any negative energy in the planet, into something beautiful, positive, and healing.

Keep this in mind when you experience challenges, whether personally or globally. Once you get quiet, you can use the unconditional love energy in your heart to transform challenging energy. And do this with confidence. This is the law of the universe.

During summer, heart energy is on duty and the element is fire.

Yang energy is the strongest at this time. The period of rapid growth is done. Now is the time for action! In nature, mothers are feeding their young and plants are bearing flowers and fruit. It is a great time for us to wake up earlier, connect with friends, enjoy delicious fresh foods, have campfires, barbecue, learn something new, get that project completed, and experience joy and laughter daily!

For our friends in the southern hemisphere who are entering into winter, kidney energy is on duty and the element is water. Now is the time to go inward, to get quiet, to sleep more, spend more time in seated meditation and in introspection. You are protecting and conserving energy at this time. Focus on water and how it is influencing your life each day. Send gratitude to your kidneys and to the universe.

No matter where you live, solstice is a very spiritual time. We are all connected. We can help one another and the planet by using our heart energy, our love energy, and universal light to send healing wherever it is needed.

Here is a guided meditation for you to practice. This is an excerpt from an Energy in Motion Livestream Practice. Enjoy this guided meditation to help you strengthen your heart energy during this time as you heal yourself and send much-needed light and healing to the world. You can do this practice sitting or lying down. The movement is a gentle Spring Forest Qigong movement.

I’d love to hear in the comments how you like the meditation this post!

Much love to you today and always,

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