Learning Success, Part Two

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I have had a wonderful summer away from the keyboard living my newfound success.  I am back and wanted to share with you how things are working.

I have learned recently that my measure of success is not about how much money I make in a week, month, or year: it’s about how my clients (and the other people in my life, but me too) are doing.  Are they improving? Are they making positive changes in their lives? Are they feeling better each time we speak?  Are they experiencing more health, joy, and love?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then I am a success. 

I also am learning, although this is harder and I’m not there yet, that I don’t get the credit for their success. They do.  It is each person that I work with that does all of his or her work: I merely facilitate it.  I have learned to step back when they see how much change has occurred and how happy they are with their lives.  I have learned to allow their wings to spread so they can fly on their own; that I am not the momma bird.  I have learned not to point out to them that they had support, encouragement, and guidance to make changes.  That comes back to my ego.  It is enough for me that they are better; I do not need the credit.  Again, this is something that I am working on!

When my clients see success, then I am a success.

This, my friends, is part of my duty and life purpose.  When I have someone sitting in front of me in my office, or at the other end of the phone line, I feel guidance and words coming into my head.  This guidance is what they need to hear: this is how things can improve for them.  The guidance came to me subtly before and I didn’t always listen because I didn’t want to sound “out-there” or I was afraid they would think what I was proposing was too hard or impossible.  I am awake and listening now.  And the guidance comes in stronger now.  I say it, and to be honest, more often than not they already know what they need to do. . .we all do, don’t we? My job is to guide them, show them how, and hold their hand while they do it. 

This is my success.

How does success feel to you? What does it mean, and where does it sit with you?


Love and light,



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