Winter is the season of love, nesting, sleep, indoor projects, crafting, connecting, love, introspection, spirituality, fires in fireplaces, snow, skis, inner quests, magic, giving, receiving, sparkly lights, and loving. 


We are naturally drawn to these things during wintertime, so follow your inner guidance.  Sit more, and be quiet more. 

Kidney energy is strong, connecting you to vitality and spirituality.  There is more darkness in winter: longer nights mean we are to sleep more.  We are to conserve.  Keep warm.  Eat lightly.  All the energy in nature, including in ourselves, has gone down into the root, root cellar, cold room, kidneys.  The root of your life is related to your spirituality.  While energy is down in your root, you are poised for spiritual growth. 

To connect with your spiritual self, start by sitting quietly.  Listen and be receptive to guidance.  Meditate, if you have a practice.  If you don’t, breathe slowly and deeply (and note that now you do have a meditation practice).  Water is the great element of winter.  Imagine it washing over you with love.  Drink it in and feel it nourish and feed your root.  All the answers are there for you.  The answers to the questions you have.  We all have the answers inside us.  Let love be your guide.  Let love ride on the waves of water, right down to your roots.  There you will find something magical and sparkly to fit with the season.  There you will find yourself. 

I would love to hear your experience connecting to yourself.  What works for you? Please share in the comments. 

Love and light,

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