Winter Solstice marks an auspicious day. A perfect time to pause for self-reflection and quiet celebration. Today marks the shortest day and the longest night of the last 364 days. We have reached a significant turning point where the light is now increasing. Yin has reached is peak, like a rollercoaster pausing at the highest point, before dropping down. We can use this darkness to go inward, mimicking the wisdom of nature and the elements, to connect to our true selves and enhance our healing and inner awareness. 

Just as out, so is in. The big universe is a reflection of the happenings inside the small universe, your body.

Yang energy, the energy of light, is now increasing. However, we are still dominated by the yin energy of darkness. We need the darkness to see and appreciate the light. We also need to honour the yin energy of winter. The element of this season is water. Warm flowing water. Notice it, immerse yourself in it, and honour it.

What is happening outside in the Northern Hemisphere at this time? The energy has gone down into the earth. Minerals and metals are being formed in the earth to nourish the water energy of winter. We are also to go inward, to reflect, to get quiet, to be still. It’s in the stillness where we find our inner light.

What do I mean by inner light? The light of our soul; the light of our intuition; the light of who we truly are. If we do not get quiet and still on occasion, we will have difficulty following this light, feeling it, and understanding where it is leading us.

Now is the best time to meditate, practice qigong, journal, and reflect on your life and your purpose here. Now is the time to make changes to reflect the type of person you wish to be and the type of life you wish to lead. You are the leader of your life. You get to choose your thoughts, direction, reactions, and path.

If you choose love and joy, you will never go wrong.


I promise.

Because that is your purpose.

To experience love and joy every day.


Not later.

But today; in this moment. Look around you. What brings you pleasure right now?

Christmas lights? A soft chair? Music playing in the background? The smell of coffee or your Christmas tree? Your dog or cat lying next to you? Your soft gentle breath? What is it, right now, in this moment, that pleases you?

Find it and celebrate it. This is how you honour, celebrate, and cultivate the light.

This year, more than ever, in addition to finding and sharing love and joy, compassion is desperately needed. Tune into your heart and see the people in your life as masterful creations, just like you. We are all connected and we are all the same. And deep down, we all wish for love and belonging. Sometimes we get fearful and act in ways that may be confusing. Sometimes we get angry and lash out to protect what we know. Sometimes we get sad and withdraw from the world and ourselves. We are all trying to find ways to survive during a confusing and charged time. Compassion will help us understand we are all the same. Compassion will help us see another point of view. Compassion will stop us from criticizing.

Demonstrate the love and joy you have inside and your compassion will grow. Maybe love, joy, and compassion are hard for you to access right now, and if that’s the case, gratitude will help you find them.

Heart-centred consciousness is rising. Something we can all start practising today.

I wish you the most love from the Universe and from me this holiday season.

Love yourself and love others. Do something kind for someone. Step outside for a walk. Start a gratitude journal.

I send you my love.

Celebrate the darkness, there is good stuff there too.

Much love, light, and deep gratitude,

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Sue Crites MSc, NCP Holistic Healing & Qigong

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