The Human Experience—you are going to screw-up

Nov 25, 2016 | Blog, Relationships | 0 comments

The human experience is an opportunity to fully embrace life and all its challenges. We know it’s not going to be easy, but there is a purpose to this experience. If we can find the light in the purpose, light in the day-to-day experience, light in ourselves, perhaps the challenges will not seem so difficult.

I believe the purpose of life is to live in joy and happiness. This means being with people that make you feel good about yourself, finding activities that make you feel happy and content, doing good deeds for others, finding compassion, judging less and loving more, and forgiving yourself and others.

But there is another piece. A piece that is harder to articulate.

I believe life is also about learning and growing. We are constantly challenged with new experiences, chapters, and stages. When we are faced with a new challenge we may fail miserably, handle things poorly, or run and hide. But we can also learn from this and adapt. Much like a child learning to feed herself, we will make big messes. That’s okay. That’s how we learn. That is part our duty and purpose as a resident here. Figuring out how to handle challenges, from loss, parenting, relationships, jobs, fears, to success and new beginnings, is also what we are here for.

You are meant to screw up.

How can you be an expert on something that is completely new to you? It’s like trying out a new recipe. You can look at the ingredients and know from experience that they should go well together. But until you actually try it, you won’t know for certain. Once you try it, you can learn and adapt from that new experience, making it better next time.

So be kind when you screw-up; forgive yourself. Be kind  when those close to you screw-up; forgive them. Newsflash! Those screw-ups that are happening all around you, they aren’t about you! Everyone is trying to figure this out. And by trying to figure it out, you are doing what you came here to do. The lessons can be oh-so-hard, but the experience and wisdom will give you the best recipe for success and happiness.

Find joy in the little things, because the happiness is the secret sauce to keep you moving forward. I have learned that laughing at yourself is a great place to start. Look for the light.

There is a deep richness to life. I am so grateful to be experiencing it. I am sending us both love and the wish for beautiful outcomes filled with joy (once the dust settles).

Love and light. 

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