Are you seeking a life of ease? With practice and concentration, I believe a life of ease is possible. After returning home from a month in a small village in Baja California Sur, Mexico, I am working on integrating ease into my life while living outside a small town in Northern Alberta, Canada. After experiencing daily doses of heat, sand, ocean, and sunrises, I came home feeling happy, open, connected, and content. Working from home and having kids in their teens affords Mountain Man and I the luxury to work from anywhere. The internet is amazing!

While I was in Mexico, I noticed how life was easy. There was no snow or cold, I was seeing new things each day, and I was removed from the various stressors of running a household and other daily responsibilities. People were extremely friendly, I worked on my Spanish, I Skyped (Zoomed actually!) with my clients, practised Spring Forest Qigong, and enjoyed free time reading, walking, and journaling each day.

I felt very connected to myself and the universe.

When I returned to my cold home (-34˚C), I noticed many people in my town were irritable and grumpy. I get it. Living in the cold is a struggle. But aside from the freezing temperature, some of the stressful trappings of day-to-day living started creeping in. I could feel myself tensing up (or close off) when I was paying bills, getting the car repaired, or planning my week. I was disconnecting from the universe and losing that sense of contentment.

Does the contrast between life in Mexico and life at home have to be so big? Is it possible to live each day as if on a holiday? What is it about daily living that can make me feel like I am dragging around my heavy parka?

Sometimes I struggle with day to day living out of habit. Small talk is often based on complaints about daily life; we feel unity when others are suffering along with us. Work is just that, work, and it’s hard at times! I love teaching and creating, but I don’t like worrying about getting workshops filled. I love working with my clients but I don’t love bookkeeping.

It’s not the holiday I’m seeking, it’s the way I felt about myself when I was in the environment of low stress, connection, and ocean awe that I want!

So I have decided to do things differently; to shift my perspective. Life is about love, joy, and happiness; not about stress, worry, and struggle. We are meant to be the radiant beings of light here to experience all life has to offer. What may be happening to my friend or my child is not happening to me. I can serve them best if I take care of myself; if I see to it that I am happy and healthy. Do you see the huge potential of how life could change if we all took care of ourselves?

In order to be happy and healthy, I have to find joy and feel connected each day.

Working and daily obligations do not have to change that. If I structure my life such that I do something that brings me joy each day, life will be easier. My Qigong practice will help with the connection and balance. I am not sure if it will feel like a holiday, but trying new things, reading a novel, going for a walk, ski, or swim, watching a show, finding new music, making love, taking a class, learning a new language, having lunch with a friend, knitting, or whatever feels good on any particular day, will feed me in ways that will bring more love, joy, and happiness into my world. Does that seem selfish? Selfish is actually a good thing! It means I am taking care of myself. By taking care of myself and being happy, others will benefit, making it easier for them to find it too. That is my single most important responsibility in living this life. Finding things that make me feel good, and focussing on those things which will thereby bring more of those things to me.

And when I feel myself getting irritable or worried, I will stop and breathe. I will bring the light back into my body and allow my heart to open further. By bringing the energy out of my head and into my body, my perspective shifts and my problems seem smaller and easier.

I knew this all along, and so do you. But lovely Mexico reminded me. Back on track!

I would love to hear in the comments your experience with finding happiness and ease in your life. Thank you for reading. Day 84 of 100 Days of continuous Qigong!

Love and light,

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