Happy Solstice!

Today is the day with the most light; the day when yin and yang energies are in perfect (or close) balance.

It is also the beginning of summer. During this significant transition, what are you doing in your life to achieve balance?

I am working on balancing work with play. Laughter and joy are good for the heart. It seems as a society we spend a lot of time working to earn a living and working to maintain a home or yard. If we don’t balance all the work with play, we forget the purpose of all the work: to have a life we love that brings us joy. Lately I have been in front of the computer in course-creation mode (Natural Solutions to Sleep). Some days, five hours will have gone by and I didn’t even notice!

Sometimes the cost of achieving financial success comes at the expense of pleasure. When I think of my future, I picture being happy, healthy, content, surrounded by love, and close to an ocean. For the first bits to happen, I need to invest in joy and pleasure now or they won’t be there later. But also I want them now, not just later. Thankfully I do experience joy and pleasure in my work. But to be in balance there needs to be joy and pleasure outside of work too. Family and friends are part of this and need attention. But also there are hobbies and interests that often get lost as time passes. I often ask my clients what they liked to do before. Before what? Before kids, work, stress, or illness. They have to dig deep, but they always find something! For me it was embroidery and cross stitch.

There is also some internal work with this; to know I am worthy of joy and pleasure; to know it’s okay to take it slow and easy sometimes; to know I need to love my whole self to be truly happy; and to make the fun happen!

Fun today involves new puppy playtime and heading out on the lake in the well-maintained and serviced boat.
Do you have balance in your life? What are you working on to achieve balance? I would love to hear about it in the comments. I don’t think we ever achieve complete balance, just like yin and yang energies are always flowing and moving. But our awareness of what we need more, or less, of in our day to day lives will help us get close.

Enjoy the light today. Feel the light fill each of your cells and radiate out from your balanced self!

Love and light,


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