I have a secret–I don’t like wellness fairs

Nov 6, 2017 | Blog, New | 0 comments

Okay, I’m about to be brutally honest.

I really don’t like Wellness Fairs.

When I hear the words Wellness Fair; or Body, Mind, Spirit Expo; or Love Your Life and Become Super Awesome Trade Show, I cringe.

Last weekend I was at a wellness fair and while I met some lovely people, bought some great lotion, received a wonderful cranial sacral treatment, and bought more Norwex, I didn’t feel it was time well spent for my business. Tradeshows and Fairs are about selling and sales.

I have been in the wellness field for about 15 years. During that time, I have attended many health fairs where I have enjoyed sharing my holistic nutrition practice, which evolved into energy healing and qigong, as well as promoting my workshops and retreats.

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Here’s how it goes, someone approaches your booth and you have about 30 seconds to entice them; to get them to get you; for them to see who you are, what you offer, and then they either stay and chat, then order or buy, or move on. It’s like speed-dating (or what I would imagine speed-dating is like) but at a very slow and expensive pace.

You see, we have to pay a lot to have a booth, table, curtain, electrical outlet, and/or chair at a Wellness Fair; and if we are speaking there, we have to pay even more. So sales are important.

At this most recent Wellness Fair, I travelled 2 hours to get there, prepared a wonderful presentation, set up my family to be on their own (a feat comparable to climbing Everest), paid for brochures and handouts to be printed, and loaded up tables and plants and Buddha statues. I also spent about 2 hours preparing a wonderful PowerPoint presentation.

How did it go you ask? Not good. The number of vendors at the show was around 70, the number of public who entered, I would say was less than 50. Six people attended my presentation, three of which were vendors (the converted). I did not get one person to register for my workshop (my end goal) or purchase Morning Mojo (my 10 min online program) or become a client. Not. One. Sale. But I did talk to vendors and spent some much-needed time with a friend/colleague (we shared the booth). Connections were made, but will they come to fruition for my business? I have to keep the bottom line in mind.

This event spurred me even further into action to create more online offerings. I love where I live. I love my life. I am working on simplifying. I don’t want to leave for weekends to promote my work to a cold audience. I can do that right here. It’s a new model; online courses, distance healing, social media, and live e-practice sessions. I can have it all. I just have to be creative! Connections can be just as powerful over the web (via webcam) as they are in-person. I realize distance healing and online programs are not for everyone, but I intend to work hard at finding those wonderful people who are willing to give it a shot.

That being said, I still love live events and will continue to do a few each year. But my wish is to reach more people, to simplify, to run a successful business, and to create new offerings (it’s fun and I seem to like challenges), and to enjoy my family, my home, travelling, and my life.

What about your life? Are you stretched to your limits trying to make everything work? Are you working long hours or late nights, or finding yourself in situations that make you cringe? Is there an easier way? Are there things you can do differently? What is important to you? Sometimes we are trying so hard to get to the end goal that we lose sight of the variety of ways we could potentially get there. I invite you to look at how you spend your time and energy. Are you doing the things you like to do for the most part? Are there some things you could let go of? I can shine a light on it for you if you like! It’s something I’m quite good at, but sometimes I need a nudge to take my own advice!

Life is for happiness. When in doubt, simplicity is always a good choice. Energy is energy. I can feel it, and if you can feel it too, then we have made a connection. It’s as simple as that!

Do something that brings you joy today!
Love and light,

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