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Individual Qigong Coaching and Healing

You are here on this planet, with this beautiful body, for a reason. But if you are distracted by health concerns or negative emotions, you cannot live out your true purpose; your reason for being here. Your light is dimmed by these distractions. Happiness and joy can seem out of reach.

I can help you to move beyond these distractions. I can help you to get clear and feel connected to something more: to love and joy.

Through self-care techniques, meditation, qigong movements, and good food, you will start to shine. Your light will get brighter and you will remember why you are here. 

I can help you learn to nurture your physical self, your emotional self, and your deeper connection to spirit. I can help you shine! Because when you are shining your light, we can all see better!

And if you are a qigong student and/or practitioner, I offer private coaching, practice evaluation, mentoring, and business coaching. 

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Join me for an exclusive 1:1 personalized experience! At the end of this day you will feel confident in practising qigong and if you already have a practice, it will be refined, deepened, and customised. You will be empowered with a four month healing plan that we will co-create; your energy will be balanced and flowing smoothly from a 60 min. energy healing session; you will have a guided audio meditation to return to daily to keep your channels open and your nervous system smiling; you will enjoy a customised foods list with recipe suggestions; and you will feel supported and satiated having your questions answered and recommendations relevant to your unique personality and season of life! I will also make suggestions to improve the flow of energy to your home and life (Feng Shui, visualizations, etc.). This will provide you with energy and confidence for your healing journey and will support your self-healing practice!

This VIP day is available online or in-person. If you are coming in-person, I have lakeside accommodation depending on availability. 

Investment $1500 US
Send me an email using the form below to book.

Energy Healing Session

Here I assist you in restoring the proper energy flow throughout your body, mind, and spirit. We meet over phone or Zoom (remote healing also available). You share what you’d like help with in the session. I scan the body, detect and remove blockages, and then send in healing energy. This is done primarily through Spring Forest Qigong healing techniques. With balanced energy, you will experience optimal health, improved mood and outlook, and enhanced energy. 

First Session  $250 US
Follow-up 30 min $125 US
Follow-up 60 min $250
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Four Sessions over Four Weeks $975 US
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Remote Healing Session
(you send name, age, city and I send healing)
$100 US
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Four Sessions over Four Weeks
Remote healing done daily or weekly
$375 US weekly remote healing sent over 4 weeks
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$995 US daily remote healing over 4 weeks (Contact me for daily healing using the form below)


Qigong Mentoring/Coaching

Are you just learning qigong or are you a seasoned Spring Forest Qigong practitioner, group leader or teacher and would like to go deeper? No matter where we are in our practice or teaching, we sometimes get stuck or aren’t sure if what we are doing is correct or we seek guidance to help us advance and deepen our practice. We will meet over Zoom and review your practice or teaching and I will support you in finding powerful flow and fine-tune your approach. Bring your questions! This session will empower you and refresh your practice or teaching. 45 min. I also offer customized mentoring packages.

Qigong Coaching Individual Session $175
Mentoring/Coaching Package, 4 sessions $675
Practice Group or Teaching Evaluation $250 (contact me to book the Teaching Evaluation using from below)

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