Distance Healing Packages

You are here on this planet, with this beautiful body, for a reason. But if you are distracted by health concerns or negative emotions, you cannot live out your true purpose; your reason for being here. Your light is dimmed by these distractions. Happiness and joy can seem out of reach.

I can help you to move beyond these distractions. I can help you to get clear and feel connected to something more: to love and joy.

Through self-care techniques, meditation, qigong movements, and good food, you will start to shine. Your light will get brighter and you will remember why you are here. 

I can help you learn to nurture your physical self, your emotional self, and your deeper connection to spirit. I can help you shine! Because when you are shining your light, we can all see better!

Ready to get started?

The Whole Shebang!

This package is for you if you are at a place in your life where you need lots of healing, guidance, and support. We meet weekly or bi-weekly depending on your needs. Bioenergetic Testing and Energy Balancing are done regurlarily along with diet and lifestyle support. This is a very supportive program to get you balancing, aligned, and connected to your higher self. You will also gain clarity on your life purpose along with an illuminated path for you to follow.  Tools will be provided as extra support and will be tailored to your situation. This package brings everything I do into one beautifully supportive experience. I have your back and you will feel the energy I am sending you daily.

Six Month Package $5500

Six Week Energy Balancing and Intuitive Guidance

Here I assist you in removing blockages and restoring energy flow for optimal health, happiness, and healing. We talk weekly via phone or Skype. You tell me what is happening and I give you insight, guidance, and homework! Homework will involve diet and lifestyle changes and qigong exercises and/or meditations. I will also make suggestions to improve the flow of energy to your home and life (Feng Shui, visualisations, etc.). Get ready for a transformation!

Six Sessions over Six Weeks $1200

Bioenergetic Auricular Assessment

Your body may need extra support in addition to energy balancing. Healing can be facilitated by supporting the liver, kidneys, or any organ that may be deficient or in need of cleansing. Vitamins and other supplements may cause blockages if they are not an energetic match to our body’s energy. With Auricular Medicine, I can assess what you need to be taking (if anything) and in what doses to best facilitate optimal health and healing. I can also detect which organs are in need of support and what changes you need to be making in your life to get back on your path to purpose. Package meets once per month.

Individual Session $350

Four Month Package $1250

Energy Balancing

Here I assist you in restoring the proper energy flow throughout your body, mind, and spirit. I scan the body, detect and remove blockages, and then send in healing energy. This is done primarily through Spring Forest Qigong healing techniques. With balanced energy, you will experience optimal health, improved mood and outlook, and enhanced energy!

Individual Session  $200

Four Sessions over Four Weeks $700

More Info

Phone: 780-689-1695

Email: sue@suecrites.ca


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