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Workshops, Training, & Classes

Weekly Qigong Community

Community is what connects, supports, and elevates. The power of practising in a group magnifies our collective energy so we all receive more benefits. Energy in Motion is the first online SFQ Community! We meet on Tuesdays where we share a qigong practice together including a mini-wisdom lesson, qigong practice, and guided seated meditation. Each session is recorded and available to watch anytime. There is a Membership site packed full with valuable information, handouts, videos, lectures, recipes, a book club and more to support you in making new friends and supporting your health and wellness.  This global community is great for group energy, support, healing, accountability, and consistency.

Classes & Workshops

The more you learn about qigong, the more you get to know yourself and understand your relationship to the Universe. The simple practice of quieting the mind as you move your body will support will enhance the principles of love, kindness, forgiveness and compassion. Perhaps you’d like dive into teachings on how the seasons and the Five Elements influence your energy, health and emotions. Or maybe you’d like to deepen your healing practice or learn more about your life purpose. Check out my latest offerings and check back regularly as new classes are coming!

Qigong Certification

Whether you’re interested in going deeper in your own healing or your personal qigong practice, or you’d like to learn how to heal others, or you’d like to become certified to lead or teach qigong, as a Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor, I teach Levels 1, 2, and 3 Spring Forest Qigong for certification. These workshops are healing for both yourself and others. You will make many important connections and experience and cultivate wonderful healing energy . I will also provide you with a certificate of completion. If you wish to teach Qigong yourself, or simply learn the simple practice of Qigong, you will love these trainings!

SFQ Level 1 for Health
SFQ Level 2 for Healing
SFQ Level 3 for Advanced Healing

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