We are halfway through summer here in Alberta, Canada. What does the month of August have in store for you? Or maybe I should ask, how do you wish to experience the month of August?

In our private community, Energy in Motion, we have been talking a lot about the heart, having an open heart, sending love from our hearts to others, learning how we can heal by sending love from our hearts, and loving all things and beings we come in contact with. The energy of love is so powerful it can instantly change the vibration of an interaction. And the beautiful thing is when we send love and healing to others, love and healing come back to us.

Heart energy has been front and centre in our teachings and practice because the element of summer is fire and the organ and meridians are the heart (and small intestine).

Yang is the predominant energy of summer; meaning heat, light, fire, activity, sweating, summer parties and barbeques, holidays, gardening and yard work, and being outdoors are great things to be doing at this time. In addition to these wonderful activities, many of us have jobs and other responsibilities, leaving little time left over for ourselves.

When thinking about having an open heart I also think of spaciousness. It’s difficult to have an open heart if your heart is hurt, angry, protecting, or fearful. Our Qigong practice helps us clear these blockages and supports the openness.

But sometimes my summer schedule gets so busy that I forget about sending love out or even making time for my practice. Does this happen to you too? I also feel this busyness makes time pass quickly.

When we are too busy it can be challenging to balance the yang with the yin. This leads me back to the bit about spaciousness. The yin energy still needs to be protected and nourished. It’s great to be busy, but in the busyness, it’s important to find time to connect to ourselves.

I have noticed that my body craves balance.

If I am too busy I crave stillness and quiet, and vice versa. My qigong practice has magnified these cravings and strengthened my intuition. But it’s hard not take advantage of the sun and heat! Summer is exciting!

As I enter into August, I am setting an intention to not be ‘busy’.

I will still participate in the fun and activities, but my days will not be full. When I create space I connect to myself. In the past, I used busyness as a way to avoid being alone with myself. I didn’t know who I was and I felt lonely when I was alone without a planned activity. That’s when I would call someone and get busy doing while avoiding being. But now, through healing, self-awareness and self-acceptance (in-progress), I savour time alone.

Being busy makes us feel useful and productive, and maybe even successful. In today’s society, we tend to occupy every spare moment. When we are waiting in line, we are on our phones. We pick up our phones first thing in the morning to see how other people were busy while we slept. We eat dinner with others while our phones sit beside the plate, jumping to respond to any notifications. You get the picture.

Do phones make us feel more connected? I would argue they do the opposite.

We are losing our connection to ourselves by occupying all the moments with activity. So this leads me to my intention for August.

I plan on taking time each day to do nothing.

Think of the words taking time, making time, wasting time, stealing time…

During the nothing time, I will not be busy. I won’t be on my phone or computer. I won’t be visiting. I will be spending quiet time with myself. I may observe the lake or the birds, or I may read or meditate. The one thing I will do during the nothing time is send love from my heart to wherever it is needed. I may be breaking my do-nothing rule by doing this, but I want this to become part of my daily practice.

What do you think? Would you like to join me in this practice of not being busy during the month of August? Could you use a dose of this in your life? This is the theme in our private member’s community this month. You are welcome to join us in the discussion, conversation, and practice, or you can participate on your own. Please let me know in the comments whether you’re in!

Much love and light,

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