What would happen if you played more?

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By that I mean, what if you let yourself be led by inspiration? What if you followed a dream? What if you played with the idea of what could be? What would happen?

It’s so easy to get caught up in living our lives out of obligation. Sure there are things you are responsible for and that need to get done, but could you do some of the obligatory things differently? And what if you let go of some of the obligations? What would happen then?

You came here to play, explore, and create. What does that mean to you? What if you let go of all the things you should be doing? What if I said to you“today I want you to connect to your higher self and do what makes you happy”? By connecting to your higher self I mean to connect to your soul. You know sometimes when you feel something isn’t quite right? That feeling is your intuition; that’s you connecting to your higher self. But sometimes we create lists or look at the pros and cons of a situation; only the facts. Lists and facts don’t leave room for intuition. Rationalizing doesn’t leave room for intuition.

There are many ways to connect with your higher self. Qigong breathing works well for me. Here is a youtube video on how to do that. By bringing the energy (=swirling thoughts) out of my head and down into my lower dantian, I see things differently. My perspective shifts. Walking in nature, qigong movements, being by water, or journaling also help me to connect. What works for you? I connect with my higher self differently each day; and I’ve learned to do this by following inspiration. You may want to work through some of this with me. We will be doing just that at my upcoming retreat in November.

Today I was inspired to send you this message.

Pursue what interests you. Allow yourself to dream. By following your interests, you are listening to your higher self. You are allowing yourself to expand into the energy of possibility. Think about what makes you smile; what brings you joy. Maybe it’s learning or trying something new. Don’t worry about perfection, let that go. For today, cut the ties of obligation. Follow your bliss; find something fun; don’t worry what others may think. You may just inspire someone to do the same!

Trust your insights and let them guide you. They will help you create better experiences. Each time you have a good experience, notice that; acknowledge your higher self and give yourself a pat on the back! Try things out; play; have fun; create; dream. By allowing more fun and joy into your life, you are drawing even more fun and joy to you.

Today I want you to connect with your higher self and do what makes you happy. Be all that you are. Trust that your life can be so much more. You are amazing and you can create anything you want.

Here is an example of me connecting with my higher self. I wrote this in my last mail out to you but reading here I can feel the energy of what I was feeling at the time: “My healing energy is getting bigger and stronger. I am owning it. When I started planning this retreat, the vibration in my chest started humming, loudly. My soul was singing with joy; my brain finally felt in alignment with my soul! By stepping into this deep passion, I am serving the universe in a new way.”

Go have some fun today! As for me? After I do some writing (my flow zone) I am getting out my new colouring book (cause it’s fun)! Update! I watched some music videos also, and it was fun!!! If you need some inspiration, watch this video by Walk Off the Earth covering Can’t Feel My Face by Weekend! I think I love Walk Off the Earth so much because they look they have a ton of fun sharing their gifts with the world! Oh and Sarah, one of the singers, is in labour during this video #girlcrush!

I would love to hear in the comments how you connect to your higher self and/or what’s fun for you. Please share!

There is still room for you at Nature, Nurture, and Nourish –A woman’s retreat for the body and soul.  Are you feeling inspired to join us? I have finalized a schedule! There will be time for massage and energy healing.

  • Do you find yourself giving, giving, and giving?
  • Do you need some time for yourself?
  • Would you like to play with creating more of what you want in your life and letting go of what you don’t?
  • Did you know your emotions and health are directly related to what is going on in nature?
    On this retreat, you will learn techniques to help you balance your life and emotions so you are happier, healthier, and ready for winter!

I will show you how to develop your own soul-soothing rituals; how to align your energy with that of the season so you feel connected to your true self, the universe, and all that is.

Head over here for details and to register. Deadline to register is October 1st but I’m planning on it being full by then!

Have a wonderful day!

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Love and light,

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