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 Are you ready for a transformation?

Picture this:

You easily plan and shop for meals. Moving your body feels good. Your new beliefs are empowering.

Let me help and support you through it all.

Eight or Twelve weeks to a lighter and healthier life!

Weekly Results

Week 1

  • you understand your duties of record-keeping and journaling
  • you have written out and understand why you are embarking on this journey
  • you are oriented to all online resources
  • you have met your coach and are excited to get started!

 Week 2

  • an organized fridge and pantry full of healthy foods
  • a home that is free of temptations and full of support
  • an arsenal of great healthy yummy recipes
  • the bathroom scale is hiding
  • you are excited and empowered

Week 3

  • you clearly understand how to choose foods that don’t spike your blood sugar
  • you know the importance of keeping your blood sugar stable
  • eating frequently helps you feel great and release weight
  • you understand which foods to avoid
  • you are loving what you are learning

Week 4

  • you pack healthy snacks to eat while driving
  • you order at restaurants with confidence
  • at business lunches everyone asks you what you are doing to look so great
  • the buffet is a cake walk
  • the pot luck is where you really shine
  • an all-inclusive holiday is your domain and no longer a setback

Week 5

  • you have found exercise that you enjoy
  • it is easy to chase your kids and your dog
  • you can easily touch your toes
  • you have more energy and sleep soundly
  • you smile at your reflection

Week 6

  • food labels are interesting and make sense to you
  • your life is enriched by positive thinking and ideas, now that negative clutter is gone
  • you can pick up a package, can, or box and know instantly if it’s good for you
  • you shop the outer isles of the grocery store
  • you buy smaller clothes with the money you save on your groceries

Week 7

  • whole foods are your go-to foods
  • healthy convenient foods are at your fingertips all day long
  • people are complimenting you on your transformation
  • you are mindfully choosing food; food is not choosing you
  • you love your coaches and look forward to learning more

Week 8

  • wow, this is a lifestyle
  • you can see this as your lifestyle
  • hot damn—you feel great!
  • your family is on board and enjoying your calm demeanour
  • you rarely get sick and never forget to take your vitamins
  • you have taken control of your health!

Weeks 9-12 (for 12 week program)

  • you know how to set goals
  • you know how to acheive your goals
  • you have prioritized your time to allow you to achieve goals, exercise, and personal care
  • you have learned valuable mindfulness exercises to bring peace to your life and relationships
  • you are radiant with glowing energy
  • people applaud your transformation, but more importantly, you are living a life you love!



Are you ready for a transformation?

I am ready to support you!


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