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The Five Secrets to Successful Self-Healing

Experience qigong and how to implement a successful self-healing routine into your life. This was a launch of Energy in Motion – a powerful weekly online qigong community for peace, balance, and vitality. This webinar is full of great information on how to help yourself feel good (there is a pitch at the end!). 

Five Elements Webinar (Qigong for stress, self-healing, and vitality)

This is a replay from November 2018. During this webinar, I share my insights into energy, qigong, spring forest qigong, and The Five Element Theory. We share some breathing and movements together. I invite you to my Flowing Through the Elements Masterclass. New Masterclasses are available below (on this page).

Online Courses

More classes to support you are on the way!

Flowing through the Five Elements with Qigong Masterclass

Experience increased health and vitality as you balance your body, mind, and spirit with the change of seasons! In this Masterclass, I will show you how to apply ancient teachings that form the foundation of Chinese Medicine Theory to your daily life to activate your inner wisdom as you flow through the Elements learning Qigong movements and properties of each element. Click here to learn more and register.

Morning Mojo

Morning Mojo is a 10-minute routine that will help you increase energy, reduce stress, and achieve balance! This is a great way to get started with qigong. Practice this routine regularly to experience improved health and balanced emotions. Included are seven instructional modules and a downloadable MP3 file! It’s like acupuncture without the needles; like meditation without sitting still. In only 10-minutes! Click here to learn more!

Path to Purpose

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels; like each day is the very same? Path to Purpose is a high-end program taking you on a transformational journey to connect to the life that your soul intended. Lessons and exercises are designed with the intention to help you open up your senses and enhance your connection with the Divine to allow you to live an aligned and guided life filled with joy, happiness, peace, and contentment! Click here to learn more!


Ten-minute meditation recorded by a lake. Nature sounds and even some loons!

FREE! 15-minute Meditation for Gratitude

15-minutes Bubbling Springs Meditation. Great for relaxation, kidneys, energy, & vitality. Rain & birds in the background. $9.97 CAD

Deep Healing Meditation. This is a beautiful and peaceful meditation.
Some of my best work (beautiful Om Mani Bae Mae Hong in the background)!
$29.97 CAD

15-minute Healing Meditation for Relaxation and Healing
(birds are singing in background) $9.97 CAD

30-minute Life Purpose Meditation. $29.00

Five Element Guided Meditation for Emotions and Self-Healing
$29.97 CAD

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