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A virtual Qigong & Meditation experience
presented by
Héctor Campero and Sue Crites
October 7, 14, & 21, 2022
9:30 AM – 1:30 PM MST (replay available)

Master Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest Qigong, regularly speaks about the healing power of unconditional love. He teaches how this love resides in the heart, which houses the Soul. When you open to your Soul’s love and guidance, you allow its light to empower, heal, and transform every aspect of your life. Join us for this transformational experience to connect with your Soul and discover the life your soul intended. 

If you have taken this Self-Love Workshop before, the content has been updated to focus on this aspect of self-love. You may experience the sessions live or at your own time.

“The most powerful healing energy is unconditional love.”

~Master Chunyi Lin

“After taking this workshop, I feel so beautifully happy and have so much new awareness. I didn’t realize I could change my life, my thoughts and my vitality so thoroughly and deeply. I have a new voice toward myself.”
~Joan K.

Imagine how it would feel to release the past; to set yourself free from self-judgement. 
How would it feel to love yourself exactly as you are right now?
Only by loving yourself are you able to give true love to others.
Experience the Joy that comes with owning, releasing and changing your patterns. 
By activating self-love and clearing out past blocks, you can experience healthier relationships, more clarity on your soul’s purpose, more physical energy, improved sleep and immunity, and more confidence in your true self. 
See the beauty of who you truly are.
Allow your soul to shine. 


Self-love is the key that allows you
to release yourself from suffering,
to live a happy and joyful life,
to love life and to be a beacon of hope for others.

Join Sue Crites and Héctor Campero for this two month transformational journey into self-love where you will experience and embody the teachings of Spring Forest Qigong’s founder, Master Chunyi Lin.

Learn how to activate self-love and put self-love into action. 

Join Sue Crites and Héctor Campero for this two month transformational journey into self-love where you will experience and embody the teachings of Spring Forest Qigong’s founder, Master Chunyi Lin.

Learn how to activate self-love and put self-love into action.

“This was the Best Workshop on Self-Love I have ever taken. It opened up a deep seated belief I held for many years about myself. Releasing this experience and emotion and the web it weaved throughout my life brought about freedom.  To express myself with Love. To live my life with JOY and CONTENTMENT and know I am WORTH this!!!  It is absolutely transformational!!!”  – J.W.

This workshop also includes:

  • 4-hour LIVE online sessions (with breaks) over three consecutive Fridays.
  • A two-month transformational journey with individual and group support.
  • Powerful SFQ movements with special instructions to evoke love frequency.
  • Deep SFQ emotional healing techniques and meditations:
  • Booklet with quotations on love by Master Chunyi Lin. (pdf format, updated)
  • Self-reflection written exercises.
  • Sharing in groups and Q&A with Sue and Héctor. 
  • Facebook private group to share experiences and ask questions. 
  • Replay available during the 2 months of the Workshop.

Did you know that your capacity to love others is only as great as the love you have for yourself?

Did you know that your capacity to love others is only as great as the love you have for yourself?

This Workshop is for you if:

  • You want to open the doors to your Soul’s unconditional love and guidance. 
  • You long to establish a deep connection with your Soul and you are ready to work on that goal.
  • You want to let go of emotional blocks that hinder that connection and weight you down.
  • You are ready to establish a loving, accepting, and uplifting relationship with yourself. 
  • You understand that only by being at peace with yourself can you bring love, peace and healing to this world. 
  • You want to breakthrough into a new level of relating to yourself
  • You want to heal your body, mind, and spirit

“I took this Self-Love Workshop with the hope of opening myself up to deep self-love. I’ve taken self-love workshops before and I’ve never experienced one as profound, powerful and intense (in a good way) as this one. Sue and Hector gave us many tools to use to activate our self-love and continue on our journey. They also made it a safe place to connect with ourselves and share with others in the class. I would recommend this highly to anyone who is struggling with self-love or even just needs a boost. Thank you, you two, for an incredible workshop.” – Lisa B.

Join us for this 3 Part Workshop taking place on Friday, October 7, 14 & 21 from 9:30 AM to 1:30 PM MST 
$337 USD


This workshop will be delivered via Zoom.

The replay will be available for a two month duration following the workshop (Friday December 16, 2022). 

**No refunds within 14 days of the event. More than 14-21 days receive 50% refund.

“You become your higher self when you truly love your body, mind, and soul.”

~Master Chunyi Lin
Read what past participants are saying:
  • “Self-Love is the root of the plant that I am, it is the foundation of my home, this I learned in the Workshop! Only through a sincere love for myself am I able to give true, high quality love to others. It helped me to find the roots I have always looked for all my life and to feel grounded; to see myself in a different, more loving and patient way; to know that I deserve love; to experience that by connecting to the source of life, I find the nourishment of love that I need, of peace, of beauty.” – Chiara.
  • “It is a wonderful composed Workshop. It gives you tools to reconnect to your soul time after time until it becomes your natural state. Emotions are just veils that can be washed away with unconditional love.” – A. Bijvoet.
  • “Hector and Sue lead an amazing transformative journey into self-love. This Self-Love Workshop was by far the deepest and most rewarding journey I have had while on my spiritual journey. If you have been having trouble clearing emotions or blockages standing in your way to truly feeling your own self-love this if for you. You will find practical SFQ tools and action so you can finally bring your intellectual thoughts of self-love into a reality, where you can embody the knowing and regain your personal power. If you are committed to doing some deep work and taking responsibility for your emotions, you will experience amazing transformations. – Karen B.
  • “The self-love workshop helped me with having a learning method to release a variety of negative emotions. I now believe these stuck negative emotions are the cause of physical ailments.” – Edward Coughtry
  • “I took this workshop as I have been struggling with life stories that have interfered with my enjoyment of life. I found help in this workshop that Hector and Sue put together that was so much more profound than anything I could have anticipated. It brought me feelings of hope and a sense of optimism about being in charge of my happiness! Attending this workshop felt like coming home!” – Carol R.
  • “This Self-Love Workshop helped me with seeing how I was talking to myself in a critical manner and the Joy that came with owning, releasing and changing my patterns to loving myself unconditionally. I am very grateful, I followed my heart and took this class, it was more than I expected.“– R.T.
  • “This course is for any who think and feel they would like to explore themselves at a deeper level.  As I moved through this series of three lessons I had every support I needed and the ability to ask any questions I might have had. So much was given to us in information, meditations, times to share….I loved it all and would definitely come back for more of this type of learning.  Sue and Hector shared this work so beautifully ……great duo!!”   – Pat Owen

Your Instructors

Héctor (Vimarsha) Campero, L. Psy.

Héctor (Vimarsha) Campero, L. Psy.

Psychotherapist, Meditation Teacher and Spring Forest Qigong Certified Healer. Héctor has been practicing Spring Forest Qigong since 2008. He works with clients clearing emotional blocks through Qigong healing meditations. He lives in México City.

Sue Crites MSc, NCP

Sue Crites MSc, NCP

Spring Forest Qigong Certified Instructor & Healer. Sue has been teaching qigong for over 10 years and is passionate about connecting people to the self-healing power of Qigong and life purpose. She enjoys spending time in the boreal woods of Alberta, Canada where she resides.

We look forward to seeing you there!

With great love,

Sue & Héctor

* Topics and techniques might change as we learn more about participants’ needs during the program.

Copyright ©2022. Vimarsha Campero and Sue Crites. Copyright ©2022. Spring Forest Qigong. Chunyi Lin quotations and SFQ healing techniques. Content and concepts may not be reproduced in any form without written permission.

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