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Discover how a consistent Qigong practice can help you experience less pain, more peace of mind and have more energy to fully enjoy every day



Qigong is a moving meditation that originated in ancient China over 5,000 years ago.

As energetic beings, we have energy channels (or meridians) within us through which our life force energy flows.

Combining conscious breathing with visualization techniques, Qigong allows us to keep energy flowing smoothly through these meridians, which in turn keeps us happy and healthy.


Yes! Qigong – and Spring Forest Qigong in particular – consists of gentle movements, specific breathing techniques and mental focus.

As a result, anyone can do it and everyone can benefit from it.

Even if your mobility is limited and you can’t physically do the movements, the visualization aspect of Qigong alone will still benefit you in many ways.


Balanced, smoothly flowing energy is key to our physical & emotional wellbeing.

Qigong helps you clear energy blockages, without the intervention of an energy healer.

Once you start practicing Qigong, you’ll notice you have more energy, feel less pain and stress, and become happier, calmer and more peaceful as your physical, emotional and spiritual blocks dissolve.

Hi, I’m Sue Crites!

I’m a Master Healer and Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor, based in Alberta, Canada.

When I started practicing Spring Forest Qigong, I was dealing with a variety of health concerns: Hip bursitis, chronic congestion, digestive problems, and back pain. I also suffered from anxiety and stress.

But as I practiced more and more often, I noticed a shift in my perspective: I felt happier, more connected to the world around me and more grateful.

Before long, I noticed my physical symptoms had faded too. My pain disappeared, and my digestion improved.

And I’m not the only one —

I’ve helped hundreds of individuals heal themselves at home with the power of Spring Forest Qigong

“My qigong practice helps me feel more calm, content, connected and peaceful.

I joined Energy in Motion because I was looking for a community within which I could support and deepen my Qigong practice. I was struggling with anger, resentment, frustration, depression and low back pain.

I notice the difference immediately if I do not practice consistently: I am not as calm, grounded or peaceful and I find it harder to see things from a big perspective.

When I do practice, I am drawn to eat better, and sleep with more regularity. My qigong practice helps me feel more calm, content, connected, and peaceful.”


“As long as I maintain my Qigong practice, I am relatively pain free, no longer anxious and free of despair.

When I started Qigong, I was in constant pain from arthritis, neuropathy, & osteo/skeletal degeneration. I suffered from severe anxiety & hopelessness. I couldn’t walk my dogs. Some days I couldn’t get out of bed.

Now I can walk several miles a day without pain. I even go for hikes.

As long as I maintain my Qigong practice, I am relatively pain free, no longer anxious and free of despair.”


“I can’t say enough about how qigong has changed my life – even with challenges at home I feel more peace in my heart and more love.

Thanks to my qigong practice, I am more aligned with the universe and I’m able to feel more unconditional love for myself and others.

I am so grateful to Sue for being a mentor and great teacher. Her influence and guidance have allowed me to become a practice group leader in my own right. I have great admiration for who she is and how she teaches. Her authenticity and love for others comes through in everything she does.”


“How do I get the best results from my Qigong practice?”

Stop searching for a Qigong practice video you like—and start getting more intentional about your daily qigong practice

I know it can be hard to find an instructor you like, whose style you like, and who shares accessible practice videos you enjoy watching.

The search itself can take longer than your practice—and throw your day off course thanks to the rabbit holes you find online.

My students are always asking me for more pre-recorded practices: They love the fact that I film in nature and explain the science behind the movements and their effect on healing.

So I decided to come up with a way to give them a wide variety of practices they could choose from, in a variety of lengths, and with a variety of backdrops. All intended to help them develop a more consistent qigong practice.


Daily Qigong


Daily Qigong Videos

Inside 31 DAYS OF QIGONG, you’ll find 31 qigong practice videos, ranging from 5-25 minutes.

✩ Designed to give you a range of options to choose from, so that you can practice every day without getting bored

✩ Choose your daily practice based on location, type of practice, length or desired result— videos are tagged so that sorting them to find what you’re looking for takes just 1 click

✩ Always filmed outdoors in Alberta, Canada, my practice videos help you connect with nature even when you can’t be in nature

✩ Gain a better understanding of how each movement impacts your health thanks to my science-based explanations—I can’t help it, I’ve got a Master’s in Biology

✩ With various lengths to choose from, you’ll be able to squeeze time for a qigong practice even when time is tight. It’s always worth it to feel so much better.

Occasional practice is good.
Weekly practice is better.
Daily practice is best.

The more CONSISTENT your Qigong practice, the more NOTICEABLE your RESULTS.

I like the way Sue combines Science, Nature and Spring Forest Qigong

It speaks to my practical nature and nourishes my emotional and soulful self. I find her easy to follow and the practices flow well.  

 Sue’s teachings stay with me long after class has ended.  

– Carol S.

“My life simply goes better when I practice qigong.”

I am calmer and more focused. I can’t imagine a life without a spiritual practice, and when I finally landed upon Spring Forest Qigong, I knew I had found a very good fit for myself.

– Sheila H.

Sue is my favourite of all the qigong instructors I have practiced with! 

Her voice is calm and clear, and her pace of speech is good for hearing, following, understanding, etc. 

When she speaks, whatever she has to say always comes across as genuine—never contrived or lip service to an idea.  

– Janet W. 


31 days of short video practices, designed to help you deepen your understanding of Spring Forest Qigong and develop a consistent daily practice for the best results.

Brought to you by Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Master Healer, Sue Crites

Develop a consistent daily practice and heal yourself from the inside out with 31 Days of Qigong for just


Questions you might have before you’re ready for Day 1 of 31 Days of Qigong

What are the origins of Qigong?
Qigong is a movement practice originating in ancient China, over 5000 years ago. Qi means “Energy” or “Life force” and Gong means “to work” or “to cultivate”.

When you practice Qigong, you are moving and strengthening your life force, and in doing so, you can clear stuck energy and blockages in your physical body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.

What type of Qigong do you teach?

The type of Qigong I will be sharing with you in this video is of the Spring Forest Qigong lineage, which was founded by the Grant Master Chunyi Lin.

Spring Forest Qigong is a medical form of Qigong, meaning it allows practitioners to self-heal. It is also a meditative form of Qigong, so you get the benefits of meditation at the same time.

I love teaching Spring Forest Qigong because it is gentle and accessible to anyone. The movements are typically performed while standing, but if you’re not able to stand, you can also practice while seated or lying down: all you have to do is visualize yourself going through the movements in a standing position. 

Who is this video series for?

    These practice videos are suitable for anyone who is comfortable with the movements of Spring Forest Qigong. Because Spring Forest Qigong is gentle and accessible, you can follow along with these videos even if you’re physically incapable of standing or completing the movement. Simply watch and visualize. 

    While you should always consult a doctor prior to beginning any new form of movement, Qigong is accessible to any activity level.

    Both beginners and experienced practitioners will enjoy the variety of practice lengths, learnings, and background environments featured in these videos. 

    I already practice Qigong regularly. Will I learn anything new?

    Absolutely! “31 Days of Qigong” is an ideal starting point if you’re interested in getting more consistent with your qigong practice. 

    Is Qigong safe for me?

    Qigong movements are gentle and accessible no matter your physical condition. If your movement is restricted, you can simply follow the movements in your mind’s eye. That said, please do consult with your doctor before beginning your Qigong practice. There’s a risk of injury with any movement practice and your wellness is important to me.

    What’s the difference between this and the practices you share inside Energy in Motion?
    31 Days of Qigong is designed to give you a variety pack of qigong practices to within Energy in Motion. While our online membership community is the perfect place to meet fellow practitioners, deepen your understanding of Qigong and develop a more consistent practice, Qigong Foundations is the only resource I currently offer in which I show you exactly how to complete each movement, so that when I say, for example, “we’re going to practice reverse breathing” or “it’s time to harvest your Qi”—you’ll know exactly what I mean.

    Develop a consistent daily practice and heal yourself from the inside out with 31 Days of Qigong for just


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