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Are you ready to release worry, connect to the Earth, feel nurtured and
ease into Autumn with clarity and intention? If so, join us for…


A Late-Summer

Earth Element Mini-Retreat

 Release overthinking, worry, and anxiety and ease into Peace.

Late-Summer is a season governed by the Earth Element. 
This is a time to pause, gather resources, get grounded, feel nurtured, set intentions and connect with community.  


Experience a transformative journey in this event free to members of the Energy in Motion Qigong Community,
Root to Rise: A Late-Summer Earth Element Mini-Retreat
Over Zoom, Saturday September 9 from 12 PM – 2 PM MST
Step into a sacred space dedicated to grounding, nourishing, and aligning your energies with the rhythms of Late-Summer. Join us for a transformative experience you won’t want to miss.


During this intensive two hour online Earth Element Retreat we’ll:


  • Use this grounding Earth energy to set intentions and ease anxiety.
  • Breathe in the peaceful energy of this season together as a community.
  • Create a sacred supportive space together to release worry.
  • Use special Qigong movements focused on relieving aches and pains – especially in joints and muscles.
  • Review foods and Qigong movements to harmonize your digestion.
  • Balance our energy by massaging the meridian channels of the late summer season.
Sue Crites Qigong

Being part of this group raises my vibration. I love having access to so many resources within EIM and that our regular weekly practice always has a different theme.

– Steffi B.

I was feeling frightened, frustrated, and confused after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer and struggling with menopause symptoms. After one week of practicing qigong with Sue, I was feeling better and was less irritable and overwhelmed. I noticed that I felt more peaceful, relaxed, tolerant, and loving.

– Janet. W.

After I joined EIM I said goodbye to 36 years of back pain. The live weekly sessions end with a meditation that leaves me feeling absolutely wonderful, every time!

–Beverly M.

Qigong Practice can support the smooth flow of qi (life force energy) in your body and in your life. It can help you to remove blocks, thought patterns, aches and pains and connect to your inner awareness and intuition. Guided practice, journaling, meditations, movements, and connecting with others can strengthen your awareness and help you surrender to the moment but also move forward with confidence and clarity.   

Hi, I’m Sue Crites!

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Healer based in Northern Alberta, Canada.

I came to Qigong over 10 years ago with chronic hip pain, sinus problems, anxiety, and depression. I constantly worried over the tiniest things and I overthought everything. 

When I finally started to calm down my mind, my body started to heal. I had more energy and felt more connected to who I am as a person. 

As a Botanist and Forest Ecologist, I began to understand on a deeper level how the seasons impact our lives and what it felt like to live in harmony with these natural cycles. 

I have over 15 years of experience practicing and teaching Qigong. I’ve trained rigorously and attained the highest possible certification (Level 5) under the supervision of one of the world’s foremost Qigong authorities, Master Chunyi Lin.




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 As an extra bonus, you’ll receive a digital “Retreat Kit” with recipes, journal prompts, and links to special practices and meditations, so you can continue the experience.

Find Your Ground and Nourish Your Soul. Secure Your Spot Now!
Root to Rise: A Late-Summer Earth Element Mini-Retreat inside of the Energy in Motion Community. 
Saturday Sept. 9, 12PM – 2PM MST over Zoom
(upon signing up for EIM you will receive the retreat registration via email within 24 hrs)

I am more confident in my Qigong practice now after gaining so much knowledge and wisdom. The flow was perfect and everything was covered. I love learning from Sue, my Qigong teacher!

I normally don’t participate in online workshops, but Sue’s presence and in the moment sharing of information really comes through with Zoom.

Karen H.

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