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Anytime, Anywhere, in 15-min or Less Through the Ancient Healing Art of Qigong!

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Join me for this interactive and relaxing experience! After 15 minutes you will feel a blanket or peace and calm wash over you, making the rest your day that much better!
Qigong (chee-gong) is an ancient moving meditation practice that is simple to learn and can lead to deep self-healing from physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual pain or imbalances! It’s like meditation without sitting still; like acupuncture without the needles!

I’m Sue Crites and I teach qigong in-person and online and empower my students to heal themselves by teaching them tools to remove blockages and cultivate peace, health, and happiness. I am honoured to be a student of Qigong Master Chunyi Lin (founder of Spring Forest Qigong). I am a Level 5 Spring Forest Qigong Student (the highest level), Certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Certified Master Healer. It is my passion to help others live happier, more purposeful and pain-free lives!

Here Are The Benefits of Attending This Free Webinar:

Experience the moving meditation practice of qigong with me and feel how good you can feel in a few short minutes with my soothing guidance.
Feel calm and balanced instantly by experiencing a simple yet powerful ancient self-healing practice. Understand how consistent practice of this one technique can give you relief from pain, anxiety, and depression.
Why, when you practice consistently with support, you feel the benefits of your self-care practice spill over into your entire life even when you are not practising.
Working with Sue is like coming into a cocoon of love and light, you will feel so supported by her and the Qigong practice, I recommend it to all as part of their healing journey.

After practicing online with Sue, my body feels really good!  Even my legs feel like there is energy moving through, as they tend to get heavy and fluid filled through the day. I think this is super helpful! I’m grateful for this, for Sue, and to take qigong further, into my daily life!

After practising qigong online with Sue each week, I noticed many benefits. One being all the cysts in my body have disappeared and my once chronic pain and headaches are almost completely gone!

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Want to learn a simple Energy Breathing Technique that will instantly calm your body & mind?

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