Qigong Jitters

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Tomorrow I am starting a Qigong Practice Group in my small town in rural northern Alberta, where many voices are not like mine.  What will I do if no one comes?  Also, I am nervous about teaching something to others that resonates so deeply with me, but may not for them; I’m putting myself way out there (at least I feel like it)!

What is Qigong?                                                                                            

The word Qigong means the study of transforming and manipulating energy. Qigong principles form the basis of all Chinese medicine.  The concept is that all Qi (energy) is intended to flow smoothly and continuously, to be in harmony and balance with the universe.  Health is not merely the absence of disease, but is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.  The ancient discipline of Qigong is a very powerful self-healing practice.  Many people consider the results of Qigong to be miraculous. 

The theory is that when the flow of Qi becomes restricted or blocked, physical and/or mental health problems will manifest.  Remove the restriction or blockages; restore the flow of Qi; problems will be resolved.  The smooth continuous and harmonious flow of Qi is necessary for optimum health and wellness.  This description is very similar to the modality I practice with my clients: Auricular Medicine.  With Auricular Medicine, I use the client’s pulse and a series of filters to detect energetic blockages to healing in the body.  I then find the treatment or remedies that would remove the blockages best suited to that individual.  I will save the juicy Auricular Medicine details for another post. So, the two modalities had very similar end results and thus are very complimentary! 

I was drawn to Qigong a few years ago on the advice of my Naturopath.  I tried a couple of videos at that time, but it seemed difficult and boring and did not resonate with me.  I left it for a few years then came across a different type of Qigong called Spring Forest.  Spring Forest Qigong (SFQ) is a type of Qigong created Master Chunyi Lin that is simple to learn and is broken down into a series of active exercises. 

The exciting part is that not only could Qigong help me feel more balanced and connected and increase and replenish my Qi, but it is also something that I could advise my clients to practice at home to further enhance their healing and the work we do together.  So, I loaned out some DVDs and tried to encourage others to start using Qigong. Many did it for a bit, or off and on, or not.

Meanwhile, I practiced Qigong intensively for a few months and really felt the energy moving and experienced many benefits.  But I felt that I needed more.  A group of people to do Qigong with was what I wanted.  But I didn’t know anyone that practiced Qigong in my town. I travelled 450km to Calgary last year and took Spring Forest Qigong Level One.  I really liked it and this enhanced my practice.  I was all excited when I returned and tossed around the idea of getting a group together.  My passive attempts were well received, but for some reason I did not follow through and, instead, put everything on the back burner.

Qigong comes to town

When Exuberant Lives got rolling, many clients got very focused and enthused about the mindfulness exercises included in the program.  They wanted more.  I went on to create a Mindful Awareness Course.  During the brain work for that program, I kept coming back to SFQ notes, books, and website.  Suddenly, starting a practice group was all I could think about.  What better way to have people experience the benefits of Qigong than by showing them?  Selfishly, I will also benefit from the higher energetic vibration created when Qigong is done in a group! So, I booked the room, made a poster, and started spreading the word. I told clients, my yoga class, and my Facebook friends. Most were enthused, some looked freaked out!

Last year, I put the idea on the back burner. Why?  It seemed too hard.  But I know now that I was held back by fear. Fear of . . . putting myself out there? Looking silly? No one showing up? People learning more about my work? Feeling too good? Helping others feel good? Creating positive community energy? Finding voices similar to mine? Hmmm.  I find it so interesting how we tend to put up roadblocks to the things that will bring us success or that we need most.  I broke down the barriers (I will save that for another post!). I have the jitters.  I will let you know how it turns out. 


Empowering you to create your vibrant life!






  1. Evie

    I am so glad that you decided to “Put yourself out there” Sue becasue I have benefitted a great deal from the Qigone sessions. Thank you.

    • susancrites

      Thank you so much Evie! It is so great to hear your feedback! I have also benefitted!

  2. Angie

    Thank you Sue for all that you do for our little community. It is great to have positive energies such as yourself encouraging others to reach for their dreams. 🙂
    Your Qigong sessions are great!!!


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