What I Do

I help women who are struggling with life, emotions, purpose, or health, to find balance and happiness by shining a light on the path; by illuminating simple steps to heal; to love and support their body, emotions, and connection to all that is.

My Philosophy

I believe that we all deserve to feel good. We deserve to feel connected to ourselves, others, and the universe.  But for whatever reason, we often get in our own way.  We get caught up in pleasing others, making a living, dealing with a health issue, or many health issues, maintaining relationships, and wondering if we will ever live a fulfilling life. We intuitively know that there is more.

More for us to do, feel, be, and have.

As a trained holistic healer and nutritionist, I invite you breathe, and I can help you get the gunk out of the way and experience your life differently: vibrantly, with love.

You are here on this planet, with this beautiful body, for a reason. But if you are distracted by health concerns or negative emotions, you cannot live out your true purpose; your reason for being here. Your light is dimmed by these distractions. Happiness and joy can seem out of reach.

I can help you to move beyond these distractions. I can help you to get clear and feel connected to something more: to love and joy.

My Methods

Through self-care techniques, meditation, qigong movements, and good food, you will start to shine. Your light will get brighter and you will remember why you are here. 

I can help you learn to nurture your physical self, your emotional self, and your deeper connection to spirit. I can help you shine! Because when you are shining your light, we can all see better!

Ready to get started?

Classes, Workshops, and Online Programs

What would it be like to have more energy? How would it feel to be happy and content with your life? Having balanced, smoothly flowing energy is the key to experiencing and maintaining health and happiness. The moving meditation practice of Spring Forest Qigong removes blockages, opens your heart, and balances your energy while improving your mental outlook.

This powerful practice balances and connects the body, mind, and spirit.

I encourage you to experience this transformational practice with me. It has changed my life.

Qigong From Home

Would you like to experience qigong and meditating with others from the comfort and privacy of your own home? Would you like to go deeper into your practice and understand more about yourself and the universe?

I grow and heal when I regularly connect with like-minded people on a deeper level. Accountability helps me achieve this.

Join our supportive community for a weekly qigong practice, wisdom lessons, instructional support, and more from the comfort of your home while benefitting from the magnified energy of a group meditation.

Energy Healing, Meditations, and Space Clearing

When your energy is balanced and flowing smoothly, you can live your life with joy, enthusiasm, and purpose. When your energy is stuck or blocked, it is difficult to move forward. Blocked energy can be caused by many factors. Such blockages will eventually lead to illness, disease, or mental health problems.

I will help you remove blockages so you can live your life in happiness and joy; with purpose. Through energetic testing, energy healing, intuition, and gentle guidance, I will help you attain and maintain balance in all areas of your life from diet and supplementation to relationships and exercise.

You may also like to me bless your home, clear your space, or speak at your next event.

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