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Free Guide to a Calm Mind and Body!

By slowing down your breath and gently guiding energy out of your head down into your body, your perspective instantly changes, allowing rational thinking while your cells are receiving much-needed oxygen, making both your mind and body feel much better; happier.

Get this guide and a video of me guiding you through the Energy Breathing technique.

Meditation for Healing and Relaxation

Try out this 10 minute guided meditation for healing and relaxation.  You can download this meditation and take it with you wherever you go. In 10 minutes you will be in a peaceful and relaxed state!


Love Meditation

Enjoy this 30-minute guided Love Meditation by Master Chunyi Lin, creator of Spring Forest Qigong. There is 10-minutes of guidance followed by 20 minutes of relaxing music and closing.

Want to learn a simple Energy Breathing Technique that will instantly calm your body & mind?

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FREE! 15-minute Meditation for Gratitude

Ready to relax, release & give thanks in beautiful natural surroundings?

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