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Do you sometimes feel like you’re

spinning your wheels?


Does each day seem the same,

like you’re on autopilot?


Imagine driving to the store or going for a walk and instead of thinking of your task list and what you have to do at the store or when you get home, you feel peace. You notice the sun, the birds, the space. You are present in this moment and are experiencing it fully.

Imagine lying in your comfortable bed at night and instead of running through tomorrow’s to-do list, you peacefully take stock of all you have to be grateful for, of all the love you experienced today, of all the kindness that came to you.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could finally stop questioning yourself, stop scanning the internet and getting dozens of healings, readings, or taking self-help courses? Stop feeling self-doubt and wondering what you need to be doing next, how to heal, and dabbling in endless spiritual practices.

How would it feel to wake up each day feeling energized, optimistic, and feeling confident in your body, your skin, your job and in your relationships? Knowing what actions or non-actions are the best for you on each particular day? Having a road map, a system, or a path to guide you, to feel, to play with, knowing the road map is made up of ancient wisdom? Not having to think about the next steps to take in your life because they come to you automatically. And feeling the support of a sisterhood, something you can tap into energetically or physically anytime anywhere.

If these things are making your mouth water, you will benefit from my new course Path to Purpose. This is a 16-week course with group support and powerful group energy. Classes will be held on alternate Mondays.

Path to Purpose will support you in a transformative journey to seek inner peace, deep healing, higher energetic vibration, and integrated wisdom. No matter your background, you will receive support and guidance from an experienced teacher (me!) to help you increase your vitality, reduce or eliminate pain or difficult emotions, and provide you with a protocol of energetic and physical exercises to help you get in alignment with your life purpose.

You will embark on a transformational journey to connect to the life that your soul intended. These lessons and exercises are designed with the intention to help you open up your senses and enhance your connection with the Divine to allow you to live an aligned and guided life filled with joy, happiness, peace, and contentment.

It is my honour to be your guide on this journey to inner peace, clarity, and purpose. 

Here is just some of what’s included:

  • Four months of collective group energy (seven Lessons spread over 16 weeks)
  • 8 group calls (recorded) with a lesson, discussion, & meditation (every other week)
  • 7 Q&A calls (recorded) (alternate weeks)
  • Private Facebook group for support and discussion
  • Ongoing intuitive and energetic support
  • Weekly contemplation/mindfulness themes
  • Food, exercise, and morning/evening recommendations
  • Seasonal prompts relating to the Five Elements
  • Handouts/journaling prompts
  • Creative flow
  • Lifestyle adjustments and guidance
  • Access to the Private Members portal with all the lessons, replays, inspiration, and handouts
  • Free membership to Energy in Motion (weekly Qigong Livestream community). If you are currently a member, your subscription payments will be paused for four months.
  • Women only (sorry fellas!)

Path to Purpose sounded like a way back home to me and I knew that Sue’s energy and insight would make this class a wonderful experience! I loved watching and feeling the trust grow between all of us in the group and the friendships—I hadn’t expected that when I registered!  I love Sue’s insight and thoughtfulness, her gentle nudges to push out of one’s comfort zone. I love Sue’s compassion, her empathy…her love! I think it was a valuable investment in me, at a time when I needed it. I have gained such clarity and I am finally no longer constantly searching for answers! Thank you!

Kathy H

I achieved so much more than I expected! I came to a deep realization that my purpose is how I show up on a day to day basis (from the heart). I learned I am guided and supported. I learned how to find grace in every situation. And now I remember these truths if I happen to move into old thought and behaviour patterns. My favourite part was learning from other’s experiences and was inspired by my Path to Purpose group members.

Brenda E

My teaching, guidance, and healing meditations, combined with your soul work and powerful group energy, will lead you into a deep state of healing.

Healing of past, of current, and of future.

With awareness comes responsibility. It’s my responsibility to do this work for myself, for others, and for the generations before me and to come. Do you feel this calling also; this calling for deep healing, for a peaceful life, for helping your children, your grandchildren, your parents, and your ancestors?

And at the same time, gaining clarity on how to spend your time and discovering what means most to you in your life?

Then Path to Purpose is for you!

This course is a fit for those who are serious about gaining clarity on their life purpose and/or going deeper in their spiritual development and healing journey, and will require a commitment of time, resources, and energy.

Path to Purpose is only open to 9 women who are experienced in the practice of Spring Forest Qigong, my teaching and meditation. Spring Forest Qigong Level 1 or being a member of Energy in Motion is a prerequisite. 

Registration for Path to purpose is by application or interview only. Once we meet, we can both determine if Path to Purpose is a fit for you. The group energy is my number one priority!

Path to Purpose 2.0 IS FULL. 

Click to get on the waitlist. Next class TBA!

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