Mindful Awareness Program – creating a life with meaning and purpose

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Mindfulness is being aware of yourself, others, and your surroundings in the moment.  When you consciously focus your awareness on life as it unfolds minute by minute, you are better able to savour each experience. By being mindful, you can experience life as it unfolds, allowing time to slow down long enough for you to savour each moment.

Contact me and we can schedule your free 30 minute strategy session to determine your specific needs and customize your program.

In this awareness, you have the opportunity to observe feelings as they happen, and then choose your response.  Being truly present in a mindful way is an excellent method of reducing stress, thereby having a great impact on physical and mental health.  By experiencing life moment by moment, you will maintain a more present and peaceful life.  But mindful awareness can also lead you to have the life you were meant to live.  In this program, I break down mindfulness into a series of exercises that will culminate into a life with meaning, purpose, joy, and direction!  It is never too late to enhance or change the course of your life!

Here are a few of the many outcomes you will experience on this personal journey

  • gain more self-confidence and awareness through weekly exercises.
  • learn a variety of exercises to practice and experience mindfulness daily.
  • know your biggest dreams and realize them!
  • set goals that will lead you to your dreams.
  • understand the power of your imagination.
  • create visualizations based on your goals in all aspects of your life: personal, professional, and spiritual.
  • eliminate self-limiting thoughts and beliefs and create new ones that will empower you and allow you to be the change you are seeking.
  • learn how to live with an open heart; filling your life and those around you with joy.
  • I will keep you accountable!

I will meet with you each week over the phone.  Here is your weekly schedule:

Week One

  • What do you want to change, be, do, see, and have more of in your life?
  • Energy of the Universe
  • How to be mindful

Week Two

  • Get out your calendar, lets have a look
  • Four Steps of Visualization
  • Affirmations

Week Three

  • Reflecting and defining your goals
  • Visualizing your future
  • Taking action

Week Four

  • Dreaming your future
  • Affirmations

 Week Five

  • Meditation
  • Clearing Exercises
  • Checking in on the action

 Week Six

  • Removing Blockages to Healing
  • Dharma
  • Living the Agreements

Week Seven

  • Mediation
  • Your Practice

This program is transformational! You will experience more joy, satisfaction, meaning, and love in your life!  I look forward to taking you on this positive and rewarding journey of personal growth!

Investment: C$680 +GST

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