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IGNITE 2022!

An Online Vision Board Workshop using
Meditation, Qigong, Feng Shui, and Power of Intention

Presented by Sue Crites and Munira Jiwa

  • Set powerful intentions for how you want to feel in 2022
  • Be purposeful in how you spend your energy and time 
  • Discover which areas of your life need attention to achieve balance
  • Balance and align your energy and the energy in your home with the intentions you create using the power of Feng Shui, journaling, movement, and meditation
  • Integrate intentions on a cellular level and create space for manifesting how you truly wish to feel
  • Create a powerful Vision Board to serve as your guide through 2022
  • Bring a friend and create together
  • Have a fun day filled with intention and manifest a wonderful year ahead
  • NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY (Qigong or otherwise!)!

Are you ready to ignite the year ahead and finally get in touch with how you truly want to feel?

Instead of setting resolutions or goals that can lack an internal connection or passion, we can instead formulate intentions by tuning inward through guided movement and meditation.

Such intentions come from our soul and ignite a spark that can guide our activities, relationships, surroundings, and create a flow of energy in our lives that lights the way for new possibilities.

Join us for a day of igniting your vision for 2022 and begin your year with intention! We will use the Bagua (an 8 sided map which reveals how the different areas of our home are connected to specific aspects of our life) as a guide taking you through nine different energy centres in your home (and life). 

Set intentions for each of nine energy centres and create a vision board reflecting these intentions. Through meditation and movement (qigong), we will integrate these intentions into our body, mind, and spirit, helping us pave the way for a wonderful year ahead!

Gather inspirational images, quotes, or other materials that align with your intentions to create a Vision Board. Your vision board will serve as a physical and energetic connection to your intentions which will help to guide the flow of energy in your body, mind, spirit, and life throughout the coming year, manifesting your intentions in the most beautiful and aligned way.

This workshop will meet over Zoom on Saturday January 8, 2022 from 10-12 and 2-4 MST.

Supplies needed:

  • Cardboard, paper, or poster board divided into 9 sections (3×3) for Vision Board. You can also use one piece of 8½” x 11″ paper for each section
  • Magazines, pictures, images quotes. We will provide time during the workshop for cutting and glueing but please bring an inspiring selection to choose from and select images that spark a positive emotion within you
  • Scissors, glue stick, tape
  • Optional: start a board on Pinterest with your favourite inspirational images (you can print some out or make your board in Pinterest)
  • A quiet space free from interruptions
  • Journal and pen/pencil

Format will be guided movement (qigong), meditation, journaling, discussion, creating (cutting and glueing), and fun! No experience is necessary!

Cost: $88

Community Members: $68 (apply code sent in email)

Bring a friend (one Zoom screen): $158

*Note Deadline to Register is Friday January 7 at 8:00 PM MT. 


*No refunds within 14 days of the event. More than 14-21 days receive 50% refund. Greater than 21 days, full refund less $25 fee.

Your Instructors

Sue Crites

Sue Crites

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor

  • Transitioned from city mouse (Calgary, AB) to country mouse (outside of Athabasca, AB) 
  • Masters Degree in Science (Plant Ecology) and Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Auricular Medicine
  • Started teaching qigong online in 2017 because it was too cold to leave my house and infinitely increased my student roster from 3 to 3000 (wishful)! 
  • My favourite is to share qigong surrounded by the wild inspirational beauty of nature 
  • Livestream bloopers include a horse chewing my hair
  • My love for Mexico, the beach and qigong led to qigong retreats on the beach
  • I love my kids but I might love my empty nest even more (shhh)
  • When not teaching workshops, splitting wood or baling hay you can find me taking millions of photos of my inspiring surroundings!
Munira Jiwa

Munira Jiwa

Spring Forest Qigong Master

  • Born in Kenya and moved to Canada in 1974
  • Graduated from the University of Alberta as a Physical Therapist in 1995
  • Played ball hockey, soccer and foosball (self-named foosball queen)
  • I went skydiving!
  • Lived in Montreal, Zurich and currently in Calgary
  • I love the mountains and introduced Master Lin to Lake Louise, now one of his favourite places! 
  • Brought Spring Forest Qigong to Canada and created a growing community of leaders
  • Since starting qigong, my two little boys have turned into large (young) adults!
  • I love to sing and paint using the infinite inspiration of nature’s gifts!
  • I love Thai and Vietnamese food
  • A Love Radiator and Spreader of Qi~JOY!

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