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How are you feeling right now, this very moment?

What are your early morning thoughts?

Are you looking for something but you’re not sure what?

Do you experience stress or anxiety? Do you wish you had more energy?

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up feeling joyful, energized, and eager to face the day? 

My name is Sue Crites. I help woman balance and heal, creating space for happiness, health, connection, and love.

Your body gives you clues when things aren’t right in your life.  Are you tuning in?  Your body may send you clues in the form of symptoms. They may be whispering to you now, but will eventually shout at you, if you haven’t been paying attention. When we get disconnected from our true selves, it’s like we are wearing earplugs. We cannot hear the whispers with our earplugs in.

If you have these questions, your solutions may be found in one of my four offerings. I am currently offering individual consultations starting at $150+ GST.

          The Tweak                                  The Shift                       

program_meaning_lrg                  program_weight_lrg

 The Whole Healing Shebang!       New! Finding Balance

program_shebang_lrg                  program_balance_lrg

I can help.
I am Sue Crites: Holistic Healer, Nutritionist, and Intuitive Guide.  I believe that we all deserve to feel good.  We deserve to feel connected to ourselves, others, and the universe.  But for whatever reason, we often get in our own way.  We get caught up in pleasing others, making a living, dealing with a health issue, or many health issues, maintaining relationships, and wondering if we will ever live a fulfilling life.  We intuitively know that there is more. More for us to do, feel, be, and have.  As a trained holistic healer and nutritionist, I invite you breathe, and I can help you get the crap out of the way and experience your life differently: vibrantly, with love. We are here on this planet, with this beautiful body, for a reason. But if we are distracted by health concerns or negative emotions, we cannot live out our true purpose; our reason for being here. Our light is dimmed. Happiness and joy can seem out of reach.

What gets in the way? Physical issues. Maybe menopause symptoms. You may get worked up over little things. You may experience confusing thoughts about how to make the best use of your time, how to live with purpose, and how to feel satisfied and complete.

I can help you to move beyond these distractions. I can help you to get clear and feel connected to something more: to love and joy.

I can be your Body, Mind and Soul Overseer. Your go-to for helping you learn to nurture your physical self, your emotional self, and your deeper connection to spirit. I can help you shine!

What would you like to change in your life today?

Let me walk with you.

Want to learn more about what I do first?

Here are some ways that we can play together.

  • Come visit my blog. I have tons of free resources and articles for you there. You can get started now by reading about mindfulness; my deep feelings of failure; or with some goal setting and reflecting. Most recently, I had a blog featured on Huffington Post, you can read it here, or over here (with all the shiny lights).
  • Hire me. We’ll work one on one (from your home: I work at a distance) to create a customized plan that will keep you feeling vibrant and energized.
  • Check out my latest premium programs created with you in mind.
  • Watch for upcoming instructional videos on Spring Forest Qigong and living with the seasons.  I am obsessed with Qigong right now, because it integrates everything I talk about and simply feels really good.  Here is a free Healing Meditation by Master Chunyi Lin, the founder and creator of Spring Forest Qigong, to get you started.
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  • Hang out here and read what I’ve written, watch for new stuff, follow me on Facebook or Twitter or send me an email.  I can’t wait to help you feel *great*!

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