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Group Healing hosted by the Qi~Amigas
with Yvette Falconer.


Join our powerful and loving qi~field as Yvette guides you through a healing movement and seated guided meditation.

Divinely inspired and intuitively guided.

Tap into your inner wisdom and connect with the intelligence of your Qi.

Nourish your whole self with supportive and healing energy.

  • Please bring:
  • Water
  • Journal/pen
  • Cushion/blanket/props for the healing meditation
  • Your beautiful smile

Practicing qigong with the Qi~Amigas can be seriously fun and may result in feeling happier and more peaceful. 

Qi~Amigas presents Group Healing with Yvette

Wednesday June 15**
12:00 PM MT – 1:15 PM MT

Session will be delivered via Zoom

Fee: $25*
*EIM Community Members receive $5 discount.
Email for code.


**Replay will be available for one week following the event.

All sales are final. No refunds. 

Your Instructors

Sue Crites

Sue Crites

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor

  • Transitioned from city mouse (Calgary, AB) to country mouse (outside of Athabasca, AB) 
  • Masters Degree in Science (Plant Ecology) and Certified in Holistic Nutrition and Auricular Medicine
  • Started teaching qigong online in 2017 because it was too cold to leave my house and infinitely increased my student roster from 3 to 3000 (wishful)! 
  • My favourite is to share qigong surrounded by the wild inspirational beauty of nature 
  • Livestream bloopers include a horse chewing my hair
  • My love for Mexico, the beach and qigong led to qigong retreats on the beach
  • I love my kids but I might love my empty nest even more (shhh)
  • When not teaching workshops, splitting wood or baling hay you can find me taking millions of photos of my inspiring surroundings!
Munira Jiwa

Munira Jiwa

Spring Forest Qigong Master

  • Born in Kenya and moved to Canada in 1974
  • Graduated from the University of Alberta as a Physical Therapist in 1995
  • Played ball hockey, soccer and foosball (self-named foosball queen)
  • I went skydiving!
  • Lived in Montreal, Zurich and currently in Calgary
  • I love the mountains and introduced Master Lin to Lake Louise, now one of his favourite places! 
  • Brought Spring Forest Qigong to Canada and created a growing community of leaders
  • Since starting qigong, my two little boys have turned into large (young) adults!
  • I love to sing and paint using the infinite inspiration of nature’s gifts!
  • I love Thai and Vietnamese food
  • A Love Radiator and Spreader of Qi~JOY!
Yvette Falconer

Yvette Falconer

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor

  • Born in Vancouver BC and forever drawn to the Ocean
  • Bachelor of Communications & Culture 2009
  • Certified EFT practitioner; Emotional Freedom Success Coach
  • Swept off the beach in Oregon, WA at 6 months old and miraculously caught by father on way out to sea
  • Moved 49 times
  • Composting and planting gardens everywhere I go. 
  • The Four Agreements and the Prophet are my most influential books
  • Found Spring Forest Qigong after a near-death experience which transformed the trajectory of my life
  • Lived in Oman, Dubai, Oklahoma, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, next stop, Vancouver Island (my 6ft university boys beat me to it!)
  • I create magical healing Yin/Yang water in sunbathed cobalt blue bottles

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