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The Quickest Way to Calm Your Mind and Body in Two Minutes or Less Using a Simple Energy Breathing Technique


By slowing down your breath and gently guiding energy out of your head down into your body,
your perspective instantly changes, allowing rational thinking while your cells are receiving

much-needed oxygen, making both your mind and body feel much better; happier.


You will Recieve:
Slide1A video of me guiding you through the Energy Breathing technique 
Slide1A fancy PDF to read or print and take with you
I used to let stress and racing thoughts take over. The Energy Breathing technique gave me back my control. Within seconds my perspective changed, I became grounded, and I could see my problem was actually manageable.

I am Sue Crites, Holistic Healer and Qigong Instructor. As a wife, mother, and entrepreneur I have first-hand experience on the importance of connecting to my breath to allow peace and calm to help me live a happy and productive life. Stressful situations have become manageable, problems are easier to solve, and I am more mindful and observant throughout the day. I use this technique with all my clients and they experience positive results instantly!


Sue is amazing! She helped me reduce my anxiety and feelings of helplessness. I am more connected to my environment and my body. I have more energy and enhanced feelings of happiness, joy, and contentment. I cannot express my gratitude enough and highly recommend working with Sue! I look forward to her guidance in the future!
Shelley L.

Introducing Energy Breathing into my life has brought me such peace and the ability to finally manage my stress. My entire experience working with Sue was absolutely incredible, and the best part is that I have learned a tool I can use for life!

Allison W.

Energy Breathing is my go-to remedy in daily living and in times of high stress and anxiety. It’s there for me whenever I need it: times of sadness, a conflict with a family member, or a headache or stomach ache. It takes as little as three breaths and I have the comfort and reassurance of the whole Universe. Many thanks to Sue for bringing this tool into my life!

Michelle L.

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Slide1Reduce stress and anxiety
Slide1Halt racing irrational thoughts and increase feelings of peace
Slide1Spend less time reacting and more time in control
Slide1Increase energy
Slide1Handle difficult situations with ease and grace
Slide1Improve decision-making
Slide1Work more effectively
I experienced life-altering transformation using this simple Energy Breathing technique combined with Qigong exercises. This practice allows me to help myself in difficult and stressful situations; it grounds and centers me immediately; I notice more beauty every day; my mood is improved; my monkey mind is calm. Everything seems easier with this simple breathing technique!

Want to learn a simple Energy Breathing Technique that will instantly calm your body & mind?

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Want to learn a simple Energy Breathing Technique that will instantly calm your body & mind?

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