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Are you ready to feel more connected to nature…and to your true nature?The elements surround and infuse you. Did you know you can use them to improve your health?


A Qigong Journey to Harmonious Living

Unlock Ancient Qigong Wisdom for Modern Healing

Get access to the online Five Elements Qigong Masterclass replay!

Discover How to Sync Your Energy, Emotions, and Lifestyle with the Seasons.



Step into a transformative journey with our Qigong Online Course, How to flow with the Five Elements: A Qigong Journey into the Five Seasons
We’re here to reveal the age-old wisdom of Qigong, exploring the innate connections between the seasons, the five elements, your organ systems, and holistic well-being.


This intensive two hour online Five Elements Qigong Masterclass for beginners and beyond will empower you with the knowledge and tools to:


  • Smoothly navigate seasonal transitions with fewer emotional or health challenges.

  • Understand the root cause of health issues with the wisdom of Five Elements.

  • Understand the generating and controlling relationships among the Elements. 
  • Align your dietary choices for each season to bolster your health.

  • Fine-tune your lifestyle practices with each season for enhanced energy and creativity.

  • Enjoy healthful, season-specific recipes to fortify organ system function.

  • Master the five-element healing movements of Qigong for energy and clarity.

  • Transform limiting beliefs and emotions, reducing stress and burnout.

  • Feel more connected to nature, your surroundings, and foster improved relationships.

Sue Crites Qigong
This is my second time to take Sue’s Five Elements Master Class. I have been practicing the Five Elements every day without fail for over three years and they are very powerful. However after participating in this class, I learned even more tips to help myself as I continue improving my health on my healing journey.

This was an amazing workshop! It helped me to understand the interconnection between all elements. After practicing them all I felt very much peace and a lightness in my body, mind and spirit. My spine was more flexible and my tensions went away.
Petra B.

If you want a comprehensive, understandable and user friendly approach to the Five Elements, Sue Crites Five Elements Masterclass does just that. I will continue to refer and learn with the provided information, but also enjoy and be joyful in practice and not over think the process. Thank you so much!


Each element (wood, fire, earth, metal, and water) has an associated season, internal organ, emotion, colour, sound, foods, and qigong movement to guide and support you through the entire year. Learn how to live according to this ancient wisdom.

Learn details about each element (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, & Water) and how to determine whether an element is out-of-balance.

Experience the Five Elements Movements of Spring Forest Qigong and feel your mood lift as your energy becomes revitalized.

Hi, I’m Sue Crites!

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor and Healer based in Northern Alberta, Canada.

I came to Qigong over 10 years ago with chronic hip pain, sinus problems, anxiety, and depression. I constantly worried over the tiniest things and I overthought everything. 

When I finally started to calm down my mind, my body started to heal. I had more energy and felt more connected to who I am as a person. 

As a Botanist and Forest Ecologist, I began to understand on a deeper level how the seasons impact our lives and what it felt like to live in harmony with these natural cycles. 

I have over 15 years of experience practicing and teaching Qigong. I’ve trained rigorously and attained the highest possible certification (Level 5) under the supervision of one of the world’s foremost Qigong authorities, Master Chunyi Lin.




 Your investment in this Five Element Qigong Masterclass not only provides access to the live two-hour session but also includes a comprehensive handout booklet.


Are you ready to embark on your Qigong journey to harmonious living?
How to flow with the Five Elements:
A Qigong Journey into the Five Seasons Masterclass Replay!

Investment $77

✅ Includes handout booklet with illustrations
✅ Includes Five Elements guided audio meditation
✅ Includes instructional videos for each movement



I am more confident in my Qigong practice now after gaining so much knowledge and wisdom. The flow was perfect and everything was covered. I love learning from Sue, my Qigong teacher!

The handouts have so much good and useful information. I will use them regulary to check back and consider the connections of the Five Elements!

I really appreciated how thorough you were and I enjoyed the fact that the workshop included both verbal communication regarding the 5 Elements and also included what I would call “ hands on” training which was the actual execution of the movements themselves.

I liked everything about this Masterclass! What was new for me was that every system has a yin and a yang organ.

I really enjoyed this workshop. I normally don’t participate in online workshops, but Sue’s presence and in the moment sharing of information really comes through with Zoom

Karen H.

How will this class be delivered?
This Masterclass will be presented online over Zoom video conferencing. You will need a device with a camera and a microphone. Your Zoom link will be sent out upon confirmation and a reminder sent out a few days before and the day of the Masterclass.
I already know the Five Elements, how will this benefit me?
Awesome! This class will include tools, insights, foods, recipes, and lifestyle recommendations that will take you deeper into your understanding and experience of the movements and your connection to the elements.
I have already taken Spring Forest Qigong Training, how will this be different?
The movements are only one component of this class. You will experience a deeper undstanding of the flow of qi through nature and through your life. You will be able to see where you may be stuck or blocked and have tools to help you transform.
I don't know anything about Qigong, is this for me?
Absolutely! I will briefly cover how qigong works and all you have to do is follow along to pick up on this simple practice.
I have been practising qigong for many years, what will I learn that's new?
Wonderful! You will be guided by my expert instuction to feel and discover new ways of relating to the elements, the seasons, and your life. This will give you a renewed perspective and enthusiasm for your current practice.
How is this different from past versions of this Masterclass?
This is the first time I have taught this class in over two years. I have learned and integrated the wisdom of the Five Elements on a deeper level. This will be reflected in the teaching and in the practice.
I have physical limitations, can I still participate and will I benefit?
Absolutely! If you have difficulty standing, you can be seated the entire time. You will still benefit by visualizing the movements. The movements are very slow and gentle. They do not require much flexibility. There are no awkward or stretching movements. If you have concerns, please check with your doctor before starting this program.

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