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We all know that exercise is an essential ingredient in both physical and mental health. So why is it always the first thing we drop when life gets busy?

Exercise needs to be scheduled into our days and weeks. It needs to be as important as grocery shopping, as critical as meeting with your tax accountant, and as regular as showing up for work. Would you break an appointment with your boss, just because you “kinda don’t feel like it today?” This is how important, and on-your-schedule as exercise needs to be.  Make exercise a priority!

It is the things that we do consistently over the long term that make the  biggest contributions to our health. But basically, it is all about your booty.

Who doesn’t want a nice booty, I ask you?  We all do; but it takes exercise and regularly showing up. Make your booty feel important, and your mood will follow!

Here are a few ideas to help you make exercise a habit in your life.

1. Have a buddy to exercise with (bring your booty too).  Plan ahead to meet someone at a class, the gym, or the trailhead–you will be more likely to commit.  They will thank you–as you will be helping them too!

2. Plan the night before.  Whether you are going to the gym, taking a class, or exercising at home, get your things out and bag packed (complete with water bottle) the night before.  Remove as many obstacles as possible between you and good, booty-sculpting exercise!

3.  Make sure you are doing something fun! If you don’t enjoy exercise, you are less likely to stick to it.  There are great classes that are so accessible now in many forms.  Try a yoga class online (free link here); Zumba is lots of fun and there are classes popping up all over; hire a personal trainer for a consult and to help you devise a home program; try swimming lessons or water aerobics; or just shake that booty!  There are so many options links here; try to find something that you enjoy and will motivate you to return!

4. Variety is the key.  You will attain greater health and fitness by varying your exercise routines.  Our rule of thumb is to do cardiovascular activity for 30-60 minutes (depending on your fitness level) three to four days per week; strength train for 30 minutes two to three days per week; and be sure to do some mind/body practice (yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, etc.) one to two days per week.  This variety will keep your metabolism up, improve your bone density, firm up your booty, make you lean and strong, boost your immunity, and improve your mental health and relationships (think “nice booty” and others will think it too).

5.  On days when you cannot schedule it in, break up your exercise throughout the day.  Do some squats (bootylicious exercise) while you are folding laundry.  Do a few pushups in between emails.  Take the stairs when you can.  Do some walking lunges on your way to the car.  Doing something is always better than doing nothing!

Once you have made exercise a priority, the rewards you reap will help you keep it as a priority.

Your body and booty will thank you! If you miss a day of exercise, do not beat yourself up; just remember that tomorrow is a new day (and think of that nice bootaaay)!

– Sue

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