I use many different modalities in my practice, depending on your individual needs. Such modalities may include elements of intuition, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, and Lifestyle Counseling.  To determine which modalities you might require, I use Auricular and Bioenergetic Medicine as assessment and treatment techniques.  I also do a general energetic scan to determine areas that need energy balancing.

Intuition.  I’ve got it, and I use it.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient and still very vital holistic system of health and healing, based on the notion of harmony and balance, and employing the ideas of moderation and prevention.  It includes the theory of five elements.  This theory is used to interpret the relationship between the physiology and pathology of the human body and the natural environment. Ideally, energy is flowing harmoniously. You may experience a specific treatment to reactivate energy flow.  I specifically use techniques related to Spring Forest Qigong to balance energy and remove blockages.  Some clients may only need this form of energetic balancing to get them moving in the right direction and feeling good. 

Qigong is an ancient Chinese meditation technique that combines gentle movements, breathing, concentration, and sound to remove energtic blockages to healing. I use Spring Forest Qigong healing with almost every client.

Nutrition is the foundation for health. In addition to food, specific nutrients play a role in healing and optimizing function in the human body. Individualized food and/or supplement recommendations are made on your first visit.

Herbal Medicine is a key component to healing. Plants have been used as restorative medicines for centuries. Herbal medicines may be recommended to enhance your body’s health.

Homeopathy is a gentle, subtle form of medicine. Homeopathic medicines are made from dilute plant, mineral and animal matter. The correct remedy will allow your body to heal on many levels (physical, spiritual, and energetic).

Lifestyle Counselling is an important part of restoring and maintaining health. Depending on your individual condition, physical exercise, hydrotherapy, meditation and other home care techniques may be incorporated into your plan.  In addition, certain components of your life may be contributing toward an unbalanced state.  Identifying those components and learning how to make positive changes will have a profound influence on your physical and emotional health.

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