Your Spring to-do list!

Happy Spring!Were you wondering if spring was ever going to arrive?I know I have been pretty quiet over here for the last few months. I have good reasons. Firstly, I was in Baja Mexico for a few weeks (six to be exact). Mountain Man has been recovering from an ankle...

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Christmas past, presence, and future

As the holidays approach, the season of giving and receiving is upon us. This is also a time when our hearts are very open. I love traditions and certain pastimes are ingrained in me, and hopefully, my kids. For example, that they always get to open one present on...

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5 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy During Autumn

According to the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, in the Northern Hemisphere, we are in the Metal Element of Autumn. This is the season of cleansing and harvest–harvesting crops, garden produce, and ideas. Now we evaluate the seeds we planted in the spring to...

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